A/U- Hey people, I know it looks like I dropped it, but believe me when I say that I was just very occupied. In any case, I hope you enjoy:

Martini Parson's Guide (for Girls): Rule #2

Crushes are afunny thing. they seem to come and go within an instant or as soon as a hotter guy walks by. I am one of those girls who falls in love with practically any guy who seems nice and talks to me. The sad thing is though, they probably are either taken by some barbie( no offence) or gay. Another problem I tend to face is when a guy I like is either too old or too young. Personally,I prefer older guys, but when older becomes five years and up, it really is best to move on, you know? To avoid getting crushed by your crush is probably a good idea to make sure he or she is on the same level as you or not too far out of your league. I mean, yeah everyone wants to date Mr. taller than me, taned, and hot as hell, but what about the other guys? Here we go; Rule #2, try giving potential relationships a chance and don't forget that taking chances, making mistakes, and getting embarassed are all part of young( and older) love and PLEASE try to remember that you have plenty of time!

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