The torch has been passed over to you, the ball is now in your court. Celestial extraterrestrial bright light, relentless underdog, own the night. You might never win some games, but never lose sight of the shore. You might fail and wail sometimes, but never lose sight of the stars. Youthful beautiful immortal blaze of glory, you amaze and puzzle me. Living two different lives at the same time, one off and on the world's stage, which one is the real you? Whoever you are before me doesn't compare to anything that the world may make you out to be. I don't want to steal your zeal so go ahead and chase after your dreams. Traveling from glory to glory, you look pass the fog and dream big dreams as sweet as ice cream. Self determination motives you to achieve the impossible and I believe in you. Strong and courageous, you are becoming it, the fighting spirit that I love. Dancing with fire, uncontrollable desire, you conquer every obstacle that is in front of you. You experience a miracle with the help of Jesus. Joyfully, I cheer for you from the sidelines and hope has its way with us. I am truly happy for you from the bottom of my heart whose faith remains unshakable.