"IRVINE!" Winter screamed in fear. Terror raced through her veins. She knew she'd done him a terrible injustice, but would he really leave her to burn? To the horrible death that awaited her?
"IRVINE!" She screamed again, but to no avail. His face did not appear at her cage doors, with the impish grin she'd grown to love; stating that he'd just had to take care of a few guards to get her out. Winter clung to the bars, crying out his name until her voice broke. Only then did she slide to the ground where she cried tears of sadness and heart break.
She'd trusted that human, let him into her confidence; and he had repaired her by walking her straight into the hands of her enemies and yet, she didn't blame him. She could see how he had felt this was the only way he could keep his fellow humans safe, and humans had always mattered more to him than spirits.

She stared in despair at her arms. The henna markings were only a day old, and would last a fair bit longer before they faded. By the time they were faded enough to allow her back into her normal body it would be far to late. She didn't have four days.

She lay on the cold floor of her cell weeping mutely until all her tears were gone. That was when she heard the clanging of steps on the metal staircase, and her heart sank. It was time for her execution.