Before I knew what was happening, he kissed me. Just as quickly as it had started, it ended, leaving behind a mortified girl and a giggling boy. Never had I been that close to a guy and in all honesty it wasn't so bad.

"You... just... what?" He looked back at me puzzled but with a slight grin. My brain was racing with thoughts that I couldn't get a clear thought expressed. Ideas were whizzing around in my head trying to silence other ideas and take to the forefront of my brain. I decided it was better not to try and talk at that moment and allowed him to fill the silence.

"I kissed you?" The inflection he placed at the end was more joking that questioning. He knew very well what he had done, and his statement made it clear enough to me I hadn't imagined it.

He looked at me with his cute smile and I had to focus on breathing. No one has ever done anything like that to me before. Usually it went something like this: I like a guy, he doesn't like me, I silently watch at a distance like a creepy stalker, I lose interest and continue on with my life. What should make this crush any different? I haven't been trying to change myself like some people have suggested, so maybe this boy was just bat shit crazy.

I wiped my mouth in my shock, and I could see the look on his face change from happy, to a little hurt. I didn't know that I was supposed to allow his spit to live on my face, this was exactly the kind of action that ruins the rest of the experience.

"I see," he said as he turned to leave.

There was no way I was going to let him just walk away, hurt or not, he was the one to push himself onto me and I felt I was allowed to be strange and wipe my face after being slobbered on.

"Roy! Come back here! I'm sorry, but you did come out of nowhere!" Of course, he couldn't hear me over the loud music.

He was almost out of sight when I quickly regained the use of my brain. I did the first thing that came to mind and I ran after him at full speed. I didn't care if people were in my way or staring at me like I was crazy. Truth be told, I am a little crazy so their looks wouldn't be completely wrong. At this moment I was a crazy person with a plan, so they would have to move out of my way to avoid my impolite shoves.

I crossed the room in less time than I had expected, and I could see him leaving the club.

"Roy!" I called out his name again hoping he was far enough away from the noise to hear me. I saw him look back and keep walking.

I knew I had messed up big... Stupid habits! I ignored the fact that my jacket was still at the coat check and ran outside. Winter or not, I was going to fix this. If I didn't try, I knew I would forever regret my decisions.

I ran outside and stood in the middle of the sidewalk. No one was walking by due to the late hour and Roy seemed to be nowhere in sight. The sidewalks were too icy for him to have gotten far, chances are one o the few people smoking knew where he had gone, but I was too shy to ask them.

I was cold, but didn't care, my focus was on finding him and getting everything cleared up. It's not everyday you get mouth raped and then walked out on. As the person who stole my first kiss I felt Roy owed me an explanation.

I turned my head sharply, hoping he was walking behind me. He wasn't. Instead, my glasses went flying off my face. I could hear them clatter onto the cement sidewalk. At this moment I was cold, blind, and as alone as you could possibly be outside of a club. All I had left were the thoughts that had started buzzing around in my head again. Doubts about what had just happened followed by crazy theories as to why it had happened here.

"You might need these," the familiar voice stated, and put my glasses back onto my face. His face started to come into focus, I could hardly help but blush in his presence.

Relief flooded over me as I thought I may not have messed up as badly as I originally thought. I realized that I had been very tense and that my hands had been in tight fists. There were noticeable nail marks in my palms as I unclenched my fists.

"So then, what did you forget?" There was no way he had come back for the girl who had insulted him so deeply. He must have come back for something other than me and happened to step by my glasses.

"I almost forgot something very important actually. You might have forgetten it too given it's almost below 20 and you're out here without a jacket." I shivered in response only just now feeling the full effects of the cold. Was it just me or was the wind picking up too? The haze that my brain had been in had blocked out most of the signals from my limbs begging me to go back inside.

Teeth chattering, I responded with a grunt. He gave me a concerned look and grabbed my hand dragging me back inside. His hands were warm and the moment they made contact with me I could feel my face get warm.

Roy made eye contact with me and smiled slightly again. He reached into my pocket without asking and grabbed my coat check ticket. I made a move to grab it from him but he turned swiftly and uttered, "just wait here."

I watched as he wen to the coat check and grabbed both our coats, though he had never asked me if I wanted to leave. For all her knew I wanted to stay and continue dancing!

I whispered thanks as he handed back my jacket and I put it on with a bit of difficulty. My arms were still stiff from the cold and the jack was too small to begin with. Had I the money, I would have bought a new one before the winter started, but tuition was expensive and I had to pay for my own education.

"Alright, jackets are on, we can go now." Roy again grabbed my hand as he finished talking and dragged me back outside.

"Look, you can't just keep dragging me around! You kissed me, and then you left, and then you came back for some reason and now you seem to be making all the decisions. I think I deserve and explanation!" I had finally gotten my act together and could voice exactly what was on my mind.

Roy looked back at me as if he had forgotten I could communicate at all. He nodded and began walking up the street, looking back frequently to see if I was following. The only way I would be getting answers was by trusting that he would be taking me somewhere safe.

Beyond my better instincts I decided nothing could go anymore wrong than it already had. I put on my hat and jogged to catch up.

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