For I am a sinner,

It's what I'll always be.

So why is it that God,

Should waste His time on me?

I thought I knew what I was doing,

I thought I had it down,

But then one day reality hit,

And I was slammed onto the ground.

I'm a liar and a thief,

Though only in my home.

It's the fiery pits of Hell,

That's where I'm bound to roam.

I had planned to be a sheep,

In the flock of our Lord,

But then one day of blackness,

My body and mind got bored.

The aching and the yearning,

Started to take hold,

When I saw the alcohol,

My body became quite bold.

I drank and I drank,

Though I knew it was wrong,

But that didn't stop me,

As I danced dirty to a song.

I was too drunk this time,

My sex-drive taking hold.

I didn't care who I was with,

But our lips would interfold.

Soon my mind was clouded in darkness,

All memory was wiped clean.

I ended up waking naked,

No clothes to be seen.

A guy lying next to me,

The guy that I love.

I remember thinking to myself,

"I hope he had a glove."

As sleep let itself go,

Memories came in.

Bits and pieces marked themselves,

Of what I thought was the greatest sin.

He knew everything about me,

All about my Christianity,

But why didn't he stop himself,

From taking my virginity?

The one thing I though was good,

The one thing I held dear,

I can't remember being taken,

Because of that stupid beer.

Now that the party's over,

And I've learned of my drunken deeds,

The only thing I worry about,

Is my Christianity and where it leads.

I've notice I've been falling,

For quite some time now.

I want to regain my Christian status,

But I have no idea how.

I feel so lost and empty,

Like crying, alone and dead.

I need some help finding Him,

So these thoughts stop haunting my head.