Monday night Murders

Chapter 1: The death of a historian

It started out on a typical Monday Night for John Clark who was a newbie at being a full-fledged on his own detective. He had hoped for a quiet night but something changed his plan. A murder of a well-known historian named Mr. Rewaine who was killed along the boardwalk of Coney Island. He arrived at the scene very quickly from his house in Brooklyn to quickly sum up the murder so he could get to bed early.

John Clark asked "What do we know about the victim?"

Jamie who was the lead photographer said "We know he is in his mdi thirties, was a well-known history and was stabbed by a long edged knife. He lives on the house directly south of the boardwalk."

John said "I will check out his house for any clues to the mystery and see if I could find any fingerprints of the killer." This was his first murder case ever.

Jamie asked "Shouldn't we call the homicide department to clear up this case?"

John responded "We should but they will take over two hours to get here and we could already have the case solved. John Clark went to the house and rang the doorbell. A woman who was five feet tall and had brown hair and eyes answered the door with a small nine year old child who resembled both her and Mr. Rewaine. The child had blond hair and brown eyes.

The woman asked "Is everything okay officer?"

John asked "Are you Mrs. Rewaine?"

The woman responded "Yes I am Eliza Rewaine and this is my son Gary Rewaine. Is something wrong officer?"

John said "Your husband was murdered just north of your house on the boardwalk and I wish to investigate your house."

Mrs. Rewaine said " Oh no, no I had just finished a fight with him and he stormed out of the house fuming mad and I should have went after him but I didn't kill him."

John Clark said "I know you didn't kill him but does anyone else live with you?"

Mrs. Rewaine said "My seventeen year old son Ronald and his girlfriend Caitlyn."

John said "May I come in Mrs. Rewaine?"

She said "Yes you may." John Clark surveyed the house for a knife which looked recently cleaned. He found two in the drain board and one still covered in blood in the sink.

He said "I believe we have our Murder weapon and someone in this very house killed Mr. Rewaine." A seventeen year old boy who looked like his father with blond hair and green eyes walked into the room. The other was a girlfriend who had re hair, blue eyes and was very skinny and was wearing a small shirt and tight pants.

The mother said "Ronald this is Detective John Clark and he is investigating your father's murder."

John asked "Who has the keys to the house?"

Gary answered "Mommy has a set and so do my big brother and daddy."

John said "Interesting to know since I found no set of keys on your dad."

Mrs. Rewaine said "Are you accusing my nine year old son of killing his father."

He answered "No, it is interesting because you, Gary and Ronald now all have Alibi's but poor Caitlyn doesn't.

Mrs. Rewaine asked "What Alibi's do we have?"

John Clark answered "Well tittle Gary has his brother's keys which he was trying to get back and you were washing dishes. Did anyone answer the door for Caitlyn?"

Mrs. Rewaine said "No she just let herself in without a set of keys and dropped something in the sink."

Caitlyn said "I did it for us Ronald since your father hated me such much that he was ruining our love. I want to be with you forever."

Ronald said "Take her away from my sight, you little wench and prostitute, my father was right and now he I dead. John arrested Caitlyn and pretended to close the case. He returned to the house afterwards though to comfort Ronald.

He said "She wasn't the one but there will be others along the way."

Ronald said "I can't believe she did that to me."

John Clark said "That's because she didn't."

He said "Then why you accuse her of doing it?"

John Clark said "Bait for the real killer. Did you father have enemies?"

Ronald said "Yes it WAS Caitlyn's dad." John Clark stuck around when the doorbell rang and Mrs. Rewaine answered the door \.

She said "Is the job done?"

Caitlyn's dad said "yes it is and my poor daughter gets the blame while you get away with murder.

John Clark said "Mrs. Rewaine and Mr. Ronithe you are under arrest for the murder of Mr. Rewaine and anything you say can be sued against you in the court of law." The two were convicted of murder and Caitlyn was released.

Ronald said "I am sorry that I call you all those names and will you forgive me?"

She said "I will forgive you Ronald but where are you and Gary going to live since you have no living relatives."

John Clark said "I sent in the papers for adoption and you could live with me."

Ronald said "Thanks Mr. Clark." John then officially closed the case and went home with his two new adoptive sons.

AN: Well here is Chapter 1 of Monday Night Murders and I will be updating every Monday Night.