Monday Night murders

Chapter 2: The murder of a John Doe

John Clark was about to go to be after a long work at solving numerous mysteries but not a single murder since last Monday when Mr. Rewaine was killed and he adopted Gary and Ronald. His phone rang and he groaned with dismay.

He picked it up and said "Hey John Clark here what the situation here?"

Jamie came back and said "John someone else was murdered tonight. We have no form of identifying so we are labeling him as a John Doe."

John Clark said "I will be right there, where was he murdered again?"

Jamie said "I didn't mention it but he was killed outside of the Alpine cinema theater."

John Clark arrived at the Alpine cinema theater and saw the police tape everywhere. He flashed his badge and entered the scene."

Jamie said "Wow it only took you five minutes to get to the scene of the crime; I think that's a new record for you."

John Clark asked "Have you found anything on him at all?"

Jamie answered "We found a movie ticket for the movie 21 Jump Street that started at 9:15 P.M."

John Clark asked "What time is it now?"

Jamie answered "It is currently 10:15 P.M, why is that important?"

John Clark answered "This is because the movie doesn't end till 10:45 P.M so he must have ban killed within the theater due to the movie ending and the blood trial which is leading inside the theater. I also believed that our killer is still inside the theater watching the movie so let's question the ticket booth lady first."

A girl with brown hair and brown eyes chewing gum said "Sorry but all of the movies are done for the night."

John Clark said "We are not here for a movie but to question the man dead in front of your theater." John Clark had feeling that she was hiding something since he was really good at reading people.

She said "I took a twenty minute break and I did not sell any tickets form 9:05 PM till 9:15 P.M."

John Clark asked "How many tickets did you sell for the 21 Jump street movie?"

She said "We sold five tickets. They were bought by a Ronald Clark, Caitlyn Ronithe, A Gerald Rod and a Miss Catherine and her father Johnny Zapazas. "

John Clark asked "Was there anyone working after 9:15 P.M?"

She said "both for the snack guys went home and the only other person is our ticket ripper, Bob Graths."

John Clark said "Well no one is to leave the movie until the case is closed." John Clark wondered who the killer was among everyone in the movies. He had ruled out his "adopted" son but that still left Caitlyn, Gerald Rod or Johnny Zapazas and the ticket ripper Bob Graths and Miss Catherine. The movie ended and everyone was stopped by John Clark from leaving.

Ronald said "hey what are you doing here?"

He answered "I have to solve a murder that happened outside of the theater of a mystery man who saw part of this movie."

Ronald said "Caitlyn and I were here during the whole movie. We were here with Mr. Zapazas daughter Catherine." Catherine was a small little girl that was about nine with brownish-black hair, green eyes and wearing a green dress.

She asked "Have you seen my papa Johnny?"

John Cark answered "Well where did your papa Johnny go?"

She said "He went to the bathroom with Gerald Rod and neither has come back." John Clark then let them exit the movie scenery as he rushed to the bathroom. The bathroom was splattered with blood. Inside the bathroom was the body of a man. He found his wallet and the man was Gerald Rod. He was killed in this bathroom along with Johnny Zapazas. The suspect was narrowing down to bob Graths and the ticket teller. He wished he could find a clue among the blood and he came across a gum wrapper. He tried to recall who was chewing gum. He remembered that the ticket teller but this only proved that she killed Gerald Rod and not Johnny Zapazas.

Jamie said "What have you found here?"

John Clark said "I found the dead body of Gerald Rod and the proof for his murder but I know who the John Doe is."
He asked John" Who is the John Doe we found."

John Clark answered "He is Johnny Zapazas and he has a nine year old daughter."

Jamie said "I wonder what happened to his wallet."

John Clark said "That is the answer to the whole case. If we can find the person who has Johnny Zapazas wallet then we have found our murder."

Jamie said "The person who had the wallet probably hid it so we could not catch them."

John Clark felt the floor and found a black wallet. It contained Johnny Zapazas ID, twenty dollars and half of his movie stub. John Clark asked "Jamie did we find half of the movies stub?"

Jamie said "Yes we found a movie stub."

John Clark said "Can you hand it over?" He pieced together the pieces and they fit together.

Jamie said "What does this prove about the case?"

John Clark answered "This movie stub just revealed the killer of both men." John Clark spotted the tall and lanky ticket teller, Bob Graths. He said "Bob Graths you are under arrest for the murder of Johnny Zapazas and Gerald Rod and anything that you say will be used against you in the court of law." Bob Graths was convicted of first degree murder.

John Clark asked Little Catherine "Do you have a mommy?"

Catherine said "No my mommy died of cancer when I was five. Where is my papa Johnny?"

John Clark responded "He went to Heaven."

Catherine asked "When is he coming back?"

John Clark answered "He is with our mother and won't be coming back any time soon. Do you have any other family?"

Catherine said "No, I have no other family."

John Clark said "Well then I will adopt you and you can have two brothers to spend time with." The case was closed and left with his adoptive daughter Catherine.

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