I can see you from where I sit, delicate little, beautiful one. Your pure white gown flutters as you dart from place to place, brightening the otherwise dull grey world. Do you know how rare you are, pretty? I've seen some of you daring enough to come close to me, but not one as pure and innocent as you.

I wonder how you'll feel. Soft skin, you'll have, I'm sure of it. Will you allow me to touch you, precious? I'll be careful, I'll try not to shatter your fragile frame.

You're nearer than any like you have ever dared come. Perhaps you want me to hold you? To stroke you, kiss you.. I'll be so gentle, pretty, if only you'd come just a little closer...

Oh? My love? Are you stuck? Yes, it does seem so. I slowly make my way towards you, your attempts to get away only making it easier for me to find you. I lightly touch the tip of your pure gown, and oh, you flinch as if I've burned you. Are you frightened, pretty? Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. I'll only sit here and touch... and you feel so nice, might I simply have a little taste? Just the tiniest of nips?

Pretty, why aren't you moving anymore? Are you alright? Pretty? Oh.. your insides are dripping from the wound and onto my web. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to inject the venom, believe me. But you taste so nice, pretty.. so much better than the ugly little ants I'm used to. I'll never forget you, darling dearest..

So here I sit, looking up at the butterflies that dart around in the air, and I can only sip at your remains as I wish you were still among them.

Goodbye, dear one.. and goodnight.