The Ocean and the Desert

You miss him,
you do.
I can hear it in your sighs
and I can see it in your smiles.
Your tears speak most loudly of all;
they tell me stories of pain and despair.

I see the colors of your love for him;
Brighter than the sun that we hide from,
and all encompassing,
Like the night sky.

It is feeding on you,
in ugly shades of hurt and betrayal.
And you are diminishing,
Much as one would burn,
Burn when they try to hide the sun,
deep within themselves.

You cannot contain it within,
and it will not be contained.
Your feelings towards him are too strong,
too strong for even your will of iron and nerves of steel.

I know he loves you still
I can see it in his eyes;
I can read it in his glances.
His cries echo in your heart-
And they scream to you
cries filled with tears of love and longing.

His love could destroy us,
it could destroy existence as we know it,
with one single little
quiet word from you.

Can you not see?
How his heart is bleeding great rivers?
How he is drowning in their merciless waves?
He is the ocean,
ever giving to you only.
And you are the desert,
only desiring from him ever.