Media Blasters!


Media Literacy

Through the use of images and music we introduce the categories of various media formats; how they have expanded, changed, and connected cultures throughout the world; and we did it in 37 seconds.

Literacy is a key factor in media. Information is passed through the written word via books, WebPages, teleprompters, or - in Harry Potters case - holographic lettering.

It is then delivered to the general audience through various media forms either by reading, watching, listening or a combination of these. Media serves two purposes: to deliver information or to deliver entertainment. Again, these can be combined.

We present this combination by embedding both representations inside an informative newspaper layout and delivering colorful illustrations and imagery of how the world has evolved, from books and comics, to wireless TVs and social networking, and lets' not forget the heart of it media.

Media. How do you define media? Media is how the world gets its information. But it is dependent wildly on the eye-of-the-beholder scenario. Media extends to business's and private organizations, industries, and educational environments, providing information, advertisement, publicity, and learning opportunities. It's a combination of print media such as newspapers, books and medical journals; visual and electronic media such as educational television programming, featured films, news broadcasts, interactive internet articles, social networking, live video chat or email, and of course – radio broadcasts.

Webster defines media as a plural of medium; A medium that is defined through cultivation, conveyance, or expression of artistic or written design. The singular word "media" originated more than 68 years ago in the advertisement and marketing field and has since become a broad term for agencies of mass communication. In today's world, we have generalized the term "media" to encompass all verities of artistic and visual expression as we broaden our ideals of what media is and the devices we rely upon to provide us with up-to-date interactive technology.

Everyone follow that?

We hope this introduction to Media Literacy was beneficial. Please enjoy viewing our video presentation.

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