Hello there everyone this is a poem that I wrote after watching the anime D. so I hope you like it.

I wanted

I wanted you to see me

The way that I see you

But I could tell

From the reflection

In your eyes

I'm not the one you see

I wanted to stay by your side

And see your smile

But I know your smile

Is not meant for me

If only you could see

The pain you put me through

How my heart breaks in two

Every time I see you gaze their way

I wanted to forget

The day we ever met

And make the memories of you

Just fade away

Then maybe I wouldn't feel this pain

I stand alone in the rain

The droplets mingle with these tears of mine

Suddenly I feel a little warmth

In my clutched hand

I turn to see you there

With a smile upon your face

I guess I'm just a fool

For I will take being your friend

If I can stay by your side

And see you smile