The Importance of Music

Music is one of the most important things in the world right? Of course it is! What would we do without it? I can't begin to imagine what the world would be like without it. Boring most likely.

Do you know why music is important? Well, it can give people inspiration for stories and poems, plus help them to become a bigger, more confident person. It's so useful for setting scenes for things like programmes and plays. Music is one of the biggest parts of a television productions and plays, without it a scene wouldn't be seen in the way the writer wants.

If we didn't have music what would great song writers like Elton John and Gary Barlow do? Their talent would be wasted on something else and they would never be able to reach their full potential. Think about all those great songs that these people have written, they would never have existed!

And what about you? What would you do without music? Could you even live without it? I know I couldn't, that's for sure. I'm sure that everyone out there reading this couldn't imagine themselves without music. Couldn't imagine the world without music. Just think about it, really think about it. Think about a world without music... You can't, can you? Music is a big part of the world and it's everywhere. As soon as you wake up in the morning you hear sounds and those sounds put into a rhythm create the music.

So the next time you hear a piece of music you don't like, whether it's a song or just a piece of music, think about what that piece of music means to the world; means to someone out there in the world and maybe together we can understand the importance of music.
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