"One last time! Please!" The little girl laughed, her blonde hair swaying around her as she danced in circles. She had almost refused to the little ones request, but seeing the look on her face…she stopped and thought. This girl had been through so much, and she was only half her age… She sat the girl down on her lap and began the sweet lullaby.

' Rise little sun, show your glory
Spring little flowers, show your beauty
Show your beauty.
Wake little children, rub your sleepy eyes
Watch the birds sing outside your window
Fall under the spell of the weeping willow
Wake little children, see the world
Your young and full of youth
So take your time to grow up'

The last note rang for awhile, high in range, yet all so beautiful. The little girl sprang form her lap and danced around mouthing the words. On a normal day, she would be watching the girl, twirling her around the lush backyard. She was too busy studying the tune that she had sang, the tune the birds had picked up and were now flinging around the sky.

"Focus." She had to focus, and apparently saying the command would help. She looked to the road, the school behind her still going in slow motion. Friends? Who needed them? She always escaped out to the bench facing the road during lunch. Not the most wonderful sight, but it worked. It was better than sitting inside and being made fun of by the popular.

"But why Daddy?"
"We talked about this sweetie…I have to go. Ill come back soon, but while Im gone what are you going to be?"
"A big girl!" The girls arms waved around as if it was the best thing ever to be. Hugging her father once more, she giggled when his scruffy face scathed her own. And then he was gone. Boarded on some stupid truck, dressed in greens and browns, his hat seeming huge to the little girls eyes. People towered over her, smiling at her red white and blue outfit. And as her mother dragged her to the car, reporters swarme the girl. Pictures taken and statements written, the girl showed up on the front page of the newspaper the next day.
" Will Daddy see it?"
"….I don't think so baby."
The girl could barley look at the picture now. Setting it down, she ran upstairs to her room to cry over something she didn't understand.

She heard the sirens. She couldn't quiet place it though, the frantic screaming going on behind her. She didn't want to either really, was too busy being lost in her own world. Perhaps she shouldn't be mad, angry at some people t=she barley knew. Names were always thrown around in her school, even though most of them were always at her. Why bother taking place in school activities just to be made fun of? That's why she never spoke unless spoken to. Never made friends, never bothered to.

It was too late now. Too late for this girl t get up and make some friends. Too late for her to forgive the little girl she used to baby sit for making her sing the same song over and over again. Too late to forgive her father for leaving for the army, and then to get blown up by the enemy…never getting a chance to say goodbye to her. Cause this girl…this girl is with me now.

I picked her up around 1 PM, still sitting on that bench over looking the road. She heard the sirens, the screams of her fellow peers. A boy, you see a boy, was the one who did this. Oh yes, I took him with me too, for he wanted to come. The boy cried the whole way here, trying to make this girl forgive him for bringing a gun to school. For being so mad, just aiming for the men who bully him, yet missing and ending up hitting her right in the back of the skull. She never said a word, just followed me the whole way here. Silent.

My name? Oh, right, guess that would help you out. Its Mr. Death….or, as you may know me…