"It's a degenerative disease,"

The doctor says,

- That means it gets worse over time.

"It's a mental disease, and a physical disease."

(At this point, I tell her "that's enough, I know it all. I do watch the news.")

So she nods her head and leaves me to grieve

With the dreadful thoughts in my head on repeat:

"It claims millions of lives every day, week, month, year..."

"It affects men, women, children the world over."

Wherever you are, it will find you.

There's no vaccine. You cannot stop it.

It will strike you down.

It will make you hallucinate.

Make you eat everything.

Make you sleep...

They say it can kill you.

It can't though, not really.

There's a cure.

Several, actually,

But more than I could care to list.

Because... I-I'm cured?

I'm cured!

The doctor suddenly reappears and smiles:

"I'm pleased to tell you that the Boredom is in remission."