#47: Lady Ravished by Lusty Pirate

"Ah-ha! I have you at last, my proud beauty!" Pete gloated as he grasped his helpless victim's long raven curls and dragged her to the bed.

"Please, sir, have mercy!" the trembling damsel begged.

"Not so high and mighty now are you, your Ladyship?" he leered. "You'll never again think yourself too good for a hard-working sailorman after I've had my way with you."

He tried to capture her mouth with his. When she turned her lovely face away, he tore the gown from her voluptuous body and threw her down on her back.

She modestly closed her eyes and summoned up all of her aristocratic courage as he flung off his clothes and fell upon her like a rutting animal. "You may possess my flesh, but never my heart," she vowed.

"We'll see about that."

He forced her legs open and thrust into her with deep powerful strokes. She cried out in alarm, but offered surprisingly little resistance. "You brute! I'll see that you suffer the harshest punishment that my father the Governor can- Oh! Mmmmm!"

His thin tanned lips closed around her full crimson ones and his long tongue matched his lower rhythm as he skillfully executed the age-old Dance of Love on the quivering altar of her womanhood. Gradually her rigid acceptance of her fate melted into slight twitches, then more and more cooperation as she surrendered herself with wanton excitement.

She clung to him desperately, following his demanding lead and breathlessly urging him never to stop. Something within her was building with irresistible force until she screamed in total abandon as they soared in unison to undreamed-of heights of passionate ecstasy…

"What a fool I was not to realize that I love you," she sighed as he rolled off of her, spent and triumphant.

"I did, from the first moment I saw you on the dock at Singapore, looking so haughty and charming with your frilly pink parasol. I swore that I would win you by any means necessary. Now we'll be married legal and proper and I'll never leave your side again."

"But what about your pirate past?" she asked anxiously. "A dozen countries have prices on the head of Red Pete the Ruthless."

"Red Pete is no more," he smiled. "Henceforth I am the honest master of a merchant vessel, and you are my trusted first mate. Together we shall sail to all the exotic ports of the world. The rest of our lives will be an unending honeymoon cruise." He reached for her again. "But now you need further instructions on serving under a stern but devoted master."

"Cupcake!" Trudy cried, sliding out of bed.


"The safe word, 'cupcake.' Game's over." She picked up her cell phone.

"But, honey…"

Trudy ignored his disappointed expression. "I want to call home and make sure the kids are all right."

"Aw, for God's sake!" Pete snorted disgustedly. "Your mother is the best babysitter in the world. You know she'd call if anything was wrong."

"It'll just take a minute." She started to dial.

"Don't you remember what the marriage counselor told us about sex fantasy getaways? They work best without distractions. Damn it, Trudy. After being wrapped up in family and job responsibilities all year, we deserve a little time to ourselves."

"Don't pout, darling." She disappeared into the bathroom to complete the call without interruptions.

Pete glowered around at the motel room, trying to replicate the image of a pirate captain's cabin. He hoped Trudy would be able to get back in the mood quickly. He really looked forward to Game #32: Sexy Undercover Agent Seduces Master Spy to Obtain Secret Information.

"Don't give up yet, pal," he said, looking down at himself.

Oh, well, nobody ever said marriage would be easy. But it sure can be fun if you do it right.