He fell in love after they married. Like, really, truly in love. It wasn't as if he hadn't told her a million times all the ways he loved her, it was just that usually he was talking to the lamp, or the radio, or maybe just the headboard. And it wasn't at all that profound when he finally said it, and meant it. It was just, there was no voice in his head mentally adding TV character whose name I've forgotten or green lamp that resides in our living room. It was simply I love you, you and nothing else. He waited for the voice, and when it didn't come he stared at her, like he'd seen her for the first time. Her smile gave it all away, how she knew this was the first time, it showed him the years of disappointment and regret she had building up inside her from every false positive, how she was this close to walking out of that door and never coming back. But it also showed that she knew someday this would come, and even though it was painful and full of sweet tasting lies, it had been worth it just to finally be loved back by the one she'd spent her whole life waiting on.

And he fell in love with that smile, and the sound of her voice, and how everything seemed to revolve around her like the planets to a sun. It felt funny on his tongue love, like wet cotton, or maybe how all foods taste when you first try them as a child, and unique like he'd just discovered something the world had never felt before. And he craved more of it. His body ached for it, and he wanted to shout it until the whole world knew that finally and he was so sorry for taking so long but now after all he loved his wife. To be honest, he'd love her if she left him standing there like the arrogant fool he was, he'd love her if she stayed with him because he was a fool, he'd love her if the sun set in the east and rose in the west.

Her body crashed against his, in fury, and in hope, and probably in some temporary moment of insanity, and she was kissing him, and he was kissing her. Her lips pulled at his heart, as she burned her rage into his skin, and as he melted his love over hers, and he thought it will be okay, like nothing else had ever been okay, as if all his life he had settled for something less than okay. And maybe he had subconsciously, but somehow, she'd changed his mind, and now everything in the universe that had been less than okay, was just simply okay. Because he loved, and was loved. Though he knew damn well he didn't deserve it. He put his arms around her, supporting as her legs wound around his waist, and he kissed all of the words he'd been saying for years, as if they were more than words. And she screamed all of her deepest thoughts and worries that had built up in her mind pushing her slowly towards the door, until she was begging and pleading why, digging into his neck, pressing harder against him, like she wanted to get away but he was holding her there prisoner. And he thought it will be okay.