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Elizabeth Arnis sat in her English class, doodling on the notebook in front of her as she stared forward at the teacher as he wrote something on the board. Keeping a neutral expression on her face, she tried not to let her eyes drop to the shapely ass encased in his fitted jeans, or to think about the muscles that must be flexing as he reached up under the shirt that he wore. She shifted slightly in her seat, feeling the slight throbbing between her legs as she thought back to the way his eyes had passed over her when he was speaking earlier. They were neutral yet stormy as she met the blue-grey gaze that had taken her breath away since she walked into the class at the university two months ago. Nobody would probably notice that his gaze lingered slightly longer on her, but she kept her face from frowning as she thought about it.

There was an extra edge to the looks he had given her today, and she bit her lip absently as he turned around. She had been standing a bit close to Blake as he asked about the homework, getting slight thrill out of it as the student eyed her legs in the short skirt as she knew that Mr. Collins-Garrett-was watching them. He had shot her a steel glare as she sat back down for a fleeting moment as the other students had settled themselves in their seats, and it had chilled her to the bone even as her thighs dampened. She had dropped her eyes to her desk and thought back to the way their attraction had started with a few long looks and subtle touches, and then the kiss a week ago as she dropped in after class to ask a question. It had been so sudden, and she remembered the desk digging into her legs as his lips captured hers in a searching kiss as he pushed her back against it, her arms sliding around his neck. His tongue had so eagerly slipped between her lips, and she remembered the sound of her moan as she battled his before he broke it with a ragged sigh. "I can't…this is wrong." Garrett had murmured to her, his hands dropping from her small waist as he blinked rapidly. Elizabeth had left abruptly that day, but she still saw the longing in his eyes every day she had the class since the incident. Today it had turned darker, making her long even more for that kiss again as she tried to look everywhere but him in the room to try and control herself.

She blinked as the students moved around her, realizing that she had lost herself in her own thoughts for the last part of the class. Elizabeth blinked as she sat up straighter, and watched as he passed her slowly, her eyes meeting his stormy ones. "May I have a moment after class, Miss Arnis?"

"Sure, Mr. Collins," Elizabeth replied casually, slowly sliding her things into her backpack. She watched the class leave with anticipation, her hands tapping her desk as she wondered what he wanted. She felt sweaty and she shook the silky red hair that hung around her shoulders absently as she watched him stare at the last student before turning to gaze at her. "What did you want?"

"My office," he said with a certainty that made her thighs shake, and she slid out of the desk and watched as his eyes slid slowly up the short denim skirt and double layered tank that she had chosen for the warm weather before she walked forward. He let her walk into the small room that was attached to his classroom that the school provided him for an office, and he closed the door and stepped closely behind her. "Did you wear this for him, Elizabeth? Or were you looking to torture me further since that kiss?"

The smooth voice so close to her made her shiver, and she took a deep breath. "Wear it for whom?"

"The student that was practically undressing you with his eyes as you teased him. I expected you to show him your pretty little cunt right there," Garrett's words made her gasp, and she felt him reach out to tug her against him with his hands on her hips. "You are such a cock tease."

"Mr. Collins…Garrett," she stammered as he gripped the hem of her shirt with his hands, fisting it as his lips found her neck, roughly sucking the skin below her ear as she let her hard fall to the side to allow him access. He ripped her hair aside with one hand before he slid it around her body to cup her breast that was bare under the shirt with a groan. "Oh, god," Her body heated up rapidly as she felt her already hardened nipple strain against the material, and his fingers touching her thighs. "Where did this come from?"

"I have not been able to stop thinking about you since that kiss, Elisabeth. You're taste, your body, and the way your green eyes look back at me with exactly what I feel…I want you." He pinched her nipple, causing her to arch her back against him with a cry as she felt her sodden underwear clinging uncomfortably to her body. He had always gotten to her, leading to many frantic masturbating sessions for her after class, but this was not going to be solved by that alone today. She slid her hand down, taking his and covering her mound with it in a jerky movement. "Fuck, you are so wet."

With one movement of his fingers against her swollen clit, he became something more than her teacher, and she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the firm strokes of his fingers. If he could make her cum this way, she could leave and not let it get too far. It was just fingers other than hers, right? When he slipped his hand up her stomach and thumbed her nipple before squeezing it, she felt a gush of desire again and sighed. She felt herself pushed forward, and he urged her on her knees onto his sturdy desk that took up most of the room. His hand slipped under her lace thong, stroking her slit slowly as he moaned and she cried out weakly. "Fuck, Garrett. Make me cum. Please." she said weakly, using the name he urged her to use when she dropped by after class. He circled her clit firmly, smiling as she moaned and arched further against him. She moved her head to meet his lips in a hungry kiss, and he closed his hand around her firm B cup breast tightly. They slid their tongues together carelessly as he found her opening with one long finger and slid it inside deeply as she grunted. "Oh my god."

"You're so tight and wet," Garrett murmured against her lips, fucking her slowly with his hand as her eyes fluttered. He captured her lips again as he stroked her clit slowly with another finger, and she whimpered softly as she kissed him back. He slowly increased all of the movement, and she shook violently as she came a few minutes later, still attached to his lips as his hand teased her nipples in turn. She fell forward onto the desk, breathing heavily as he held her securely in his arms. She had never felt like that in her life, experience or not. "God, you're so beautiful."

"What?" Elizabeth asked, panting as she closed her eyes.

Garrett stared at her with lust in his eyes, feeling his own desire flooding his body. He pulled her back, and she squealed as he held her against his body tightly. "Will you get on your knees and suck my cock, Miss Arnis."

Elizabeth didn't know who she was the moment she dropped to her knees, still breathing heavily. A large part of her knew that this was wrong, worse than what they had just done, but she ripped open the button and zipper of his jeans and yanked them down eagerly. She wanted all of him after having lusted after him for so long. He watched as the nineteen year old student took his throbbing member into her mouth. Garrett was thirty five and had only slept with one former student along with several that were not as connected to the school, but Elizabeth got to him more than that girl had. She looked innocent with her big jade eyes and strawberry hair, but her mouth was anything but at the moment. He gripped her heair tightly as he started forcing himself into her mouth, relieved that he had locked the door. Elizabeth moaned as he fucked her mouth harder and he held her firmly as he shot his load into her throat, forcing her to swallow it. He let go, watching as she wiped her lips and looked up at him with wide eyes. She could still taste him and feel him forcing himself deep into her throat, and she moved to lean against the desk.

"I hope that was not too much for you…I couldn't help myself," Garrett told her, and she looked up at him.

"No," Elizabeth responded slowly, realizing that it wasn't. It was a lot to admit, but she had wanted every bit of that and more. "It wasn't enough, to be honest."

"Not enough?" Garrett asked, and she nodded. He stepped towards her and nuzzled her neck as she pulled him close to her, making a decision for a few moments. "Meet me at my place, Elizabeth. It's private, and we…can do a lot more there than we can here. I want you so much still."

"Your house? Yes." Elizabeth replied, and he pulled away.

"This needs to be between us. You understand?"

"I do," Elizabeth assured him and he ran a hand through his messy hair before fixing his clothes. He jotted down an address for her and stared into her eyes as he handed it to her. "I want this, Garrett."

"Go there and wait for me. I am going wait for a few minutes to avoid suspicion." Elizabeth nodded and fixed her clothes, leaving the room after a long kiss. She raised an eyebrow at the locked door as she left and ran a hand through her messy hair as she glanced around. Luckily, this was the last class for many students for a while most days, and she was not seen as she reached her car.

Elizabeth glanced down at the paper he had given her and typed the address into her GPS slowly as she considered what had just happened along with what was about to happen. She could still taste his cum in her mouth, and she ran her tongue over her lips gently as she closed her eyes. She started the engine and drove with the radio on, listening to the song about sexual obsession as she shook her head slowly. Was that going to happen to her? She was risking so much going where she was right now. Elizabeth realized that she was almost there, and she pulled into the long driveway to a small house that could not be seen from the street. That was the good thing about the part of Georgia that they resided in. it was so spread out and many homes completely private, including her own that she wished she didn't share with her mother at that moment. She leaned back in her seat and waited for him as she listened to the next song.

A blue Camry pulled into the driveway, and she glanced over to see Garrett staring over at her. Elizabeth got out of her Rav 4 and followed him to the house as he walked quietly. He let her in, watching as she lifted her shirts off and dropped them onto the floor before turning to face him. Elizabeth teased her already stiff nipples with her own hands as he watched silently, moving her hands down to her skirt as she raised an eyebrow at him. Garrett ripped his shirt over his head, and she eyed his muscular torso with heavy lidded eyes as she dropped her skirt to the ground. "Fuck, Elizabeth." Garrett muttered, sliding his jeans off and moving forward to take her into his arms to kiss her again. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to his bedroom, pushing her back against the mattress as he moved his lips to her neck. She cried out as he nibbled, dropping her legs as he slid the boxers off of his body. He moved down her body to bite her nipples as he drew them into her mouth, holding her hands still beside her body. She rocked against his body, lifting her hips to drag herself against him as she moaned and he groaned deeply, desperate for any friction at all. "You want this bad, don't you?"

Elizabeth mewed in response, closing her eyes as she let him ravage her body. She had had a few partners in her young life and was not a virgin by any means, but nobody had been this aggressive with her. She was scared of what she was getting into as he moved his lips roughly down her stomach, but she needed whatever he was going to give her. She craved the feelings that had started coursing through her body the moment she had seen him that first day, and she had never wanted anyone so badly on such a primal level before. Elizabeth opened her eyes to see him staring at her between her legs, and she blinked at him as he moved away and to the side of the bed in confusion. "What are you doing?"

"I am going to make this even better for both of us," Garrett, said, shocked at his own idea as he pulled the scarf from the drawer. He had tied women up before, but he really wanted her restrained as he watched her cum for him. It was almost sick on some level as he glanced at the young, seemingly innocent college student that was nearly bare before him, displaying marks of their tryst on her body. Garrett moved to the head of the bed, tying the long scarf to the metal headboard and then around her wrists as she gasped, making her able to move around as needed. She just couldn't touch him or herself, and he hardened at the idea. He saw her beginning to protest the restraints, but kissed her mouth deeply as he slid his hand between her legs. She was certainly ready for him, and she groaned as he slid two fingers inside of her. Before too long, she was begging for him to fuck her and he moved between her legs as he parted them, just before she reached any orgasm from his fingers again. Garrett spread them wide as he dove in to stroke her folds firmly with his tongue, and she cried out and writhed against him. The feeling that he was in total control made her even wetter, and she bit her lip hard as he dug his hands into her thighs.

Elizabeth threw her head back as he tongued her, over her folds and clit, and then deep inside of her pussy. She rocked against him, desperate for release, but he would slow down just when he knew that she was close. "Please, Garrett," Elizabeth moaned, her body aching even with the orgasm that she did have. "I need to…" Garrett plunged his tongue deep into her with a few firm strokes of her clit and she bucked forward as she let out a scream. "Oh….fuck, Garrett." Elizabeth said, trying to open her eyes as she felt him moving her to her stomach. "What are you doing?"

"On your knees, baby," Garrett urged her, and she weakly moved up into position. He spread her thighs, licking her pulsing pussy a few timed before sliding it up and between her cheeks as she moaned. "You've never been touched here, have you?"

"N….No," Elizabeth replied, as he stroked her tight hole firmly with the tip of his tongue. She felt the sweat pooling in her hair as he penetrated her, crying out with the new to her pressure and pain. "Garrett," Elizabeth started, letting out a scream as he slid it deeper with one sudden thrust. With every new one, the pain lessened and her cries of pain turned to moans as he fucked her with his tongue. One hand moved to her clit to stroke it as he thrust deeper, and she moaned as her body reacted by pushing back against him. Her orgasm was very weak compared to the other one, but there, and she felt tears slide down her cheeks as she recovered. It had been better than she expected

"Feel good, Elizabeth?" Garrett asked, stroking her back gently as she nodded slowly. "I want to fuck you now, baby. "

Elizabeth moaned as he turned her over, and he stared at the matted hair and wet cheeks of her face, hardening at the sight. She looked so ruined, and when he jade eyes met his, he still saw the need in them. "I thought that was what I was coming here for." Elizabeth said slowly, and blinked. "This was…"

"I am sorry, baby. You drove me too crazy," Garrett told her, as he moved above her to untie her hands. She moved them down, wincing slightly as she did, and he eyed her body slowly. She was littered with soft bite marks and hickeys on certain parts of her body, and he frowned as he met her innocent face. "Do you want this?"

"I meant that it was…great." Elizabeth said, and he moved beside her as he searched her face to see if it was the truth. I" want you, Garrett. I do. I am on the pill."

"Good," Garrett told her, moving over her body as he parted her legs with his knees to settle over her. Elizabeth met his eyes, looking nervous as he glanced down to see them resting together. Garrett slipped his hand between them to finger her gently before he slipped inside of her, hearing her moan.

Elizabeth closed her eyes as he entered her, feeling how tight she was around him. She moaned softly as he moved slowly to let her adjust, and she slipped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. He groaned as he nuzzled her neck, moving deeply inside of her as she whimpered. He picked up his pace as she cried out, and she wrapped her legs around him as he loved harder inside of her. He seemed to do nothing gently, and he was soon pounding her into the mattress as she cried out his name. Garrett felt her tightening around him, gritting his teeth before biting her neck as he tried to push back his release. "Garrett," Elizabeth whimpered, and he felt himself shoot deep inside of her body as he grunted low and deep, forcing himself deeper into her.

"Fucking hell," Garrett murmured, pressing against her body. He had enjoyed dominating her today in many ways, but he liked the feeling of their skin pressing together gently more. He liked the way she made his emotions rise, even surprising him with jealousy at the thought of Blake touching her. Blake had nothing on him right now, and Garrett dropped a kiss on her shoulder. She started to push him away, and his heart pounded as he held her down. "Where are you going?"

"The bathroom," Elizabeth told him, and he relaxed. She watched as he moved to let her off of the bed. She walked to the bathroom slowly, feeling the events of the night all over her body, and she closed the door gently and stared in the mirror.

Her skin was flushed and she widened her eyes as she saw the bite marks around her nipples. There was a deep hickey on her neck as well as some smaller ones on her body, and she bit her swollen lips. Elizabeth pondered what had just happened as she finished up in there, and looked into the mirror again. She had enjoyed each and every part of it, and she smiled as she thought of the now unused scarf tired to the bed with deepening eyes. She could enjoy him tied up as well, and she pushed away the pondering of how she was going to explain things to anybody as she ran a hand through her hair. Elizabeth smiled and left the bathroom, closing the door behind her.