Some days I wish it was always night
The light overwhelms me and contrasts with the stillness of my heart
And since I can't speak, I want the nighttime to tell you for me
I want you to wake up and see the whole world in shades of grey
…the way that I do, the whole world in shades of grey
As the city goes out and dark clouds rise
In shadow and moonlight children play
And stars watch silent in foreign skies
Stars rest silent in foreign skies.

Some days I long for the nighttime
Silent and within, it's on the edge and it is breaking through
My heart reaches out in foreign tongues
And my eyes watch for the dreams to be realized
On the finest pages of your book.

And at night a man looks up
And sees an image framed by horizons:
A living sculpture, the stars' rays scattered and centuries they cross
In their passing light he sees the form of everything he's lost
He remembers as a distant sun
A ghost he can't reach out and touch
He feels so small, like he could never reach
His home, so far away…

I wonder if you also see this … because I know, I know you called my name
But when I reached out it was like grasping the wind.

a/n: Nightwish