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The Lady of the Tower watched, and waited.

She had seen countless seasons change from her window at the top of the world. Countless springs, countless summers, countless autumns, countless winters. The world spun on in a cycle around her, moving constantly. People moved in the world below, their forms almost indistinguishable from that height. The days began to blend into one another, each the same as the last, a constant flow of time that soon became indistinguishable to her. The time moved on, flowing constantly in a stream around her, while the Lady and her Tower stood still, a stubborn stone in the river.

She watched and waited.

It hadn't been long since the man had visited her. It had been long to him. He had grown and changed in the years. She had not. But she remembered still his words and the look in his eye, just as she remembered all of them, the handful of people that had interrupted her watch and her wait. Seven, she remembered. There would be seven, and the seventh would be the last.

The man was sixth. The seventh would be the last.

She stood in her tower and watched the sun rise over the world, its golden light chasing away the shadows of night, and she felt something stir within her, something that she hadn't felt in so long.


This day was different from the others. Time had come to her once more.

The seventh would be the last.

The Lady watched from her window, a small smile appearing on her face.

She would wait.