I remember seeing you
As winter killed the flowers and leaves
As quiet flakes fell and men celebrated Jesus
You remember seeing me
For all the snowflakes that fell in season
To lay soft upon the hills and trees
A few I held in my hand, and they withered
Young oaks beneath the evergreens.


A night as sleep fell over me
I dreamt that I was still in bed
I wasn't tired in the least
I had not put the glass down yet
I drank until I dreamt I should
By all means be found the morning dead
I drank away the walls that surrounded me
And broke the chains inside my head.

I stepped up in the air and each
Exhale sent forth a world unknown
Something I had felt inside
But never thought I'd fully know
I walked outside my house that I
Could find the shining path back home
With wings upon my feet I stepped
And stumbled toward the golden road.

The night was still the night but this night –
I felt the stars shine down on me
I cowered down and turned away
That I might not burn beneath their heat
But the frost in the air was like cold water
August clouds and summer breeze
And so I let myself go on
With sweating hands and shaking knees.

Next thing I knew I remembered te
I looked into your older eyes
I looked and I was the one who saw
In winter days now long gone by
I remembered him and burned
I destroyed the shield and melted the ice
I fell down on the golden road
Lay down my head, and there I cried.

Something then came rushing forth
As the avalanche and waterfall go
As a hurricane destroys with power
Kills your family and ruins your home
I looked up and the stars rushed too
As near as they could to being close
They wept as I did until I
Understood that I was not alone.

Not alone and still my heart
Turns and waits the cleansing day
Not alone and still my mind
Trembles, and the beauty fades
My memories step close to me
They tell me I am all alone
My eyes fall on my family
They see that I am not yet home
Not alone and still my skin
Shivers in the August rays
Not alone and still my heart
Trembles as her memory fades.

**(Because I remember seeing her
As April brought life to the hills and trees
As that April rushed past and is gone forever
She remembers seeing me
For all the sunlight that shone that season
To lay soft upon the hills and trees
A few rays shone but once and withered
When I saw the beauty I could not keep.)**