The wind blew, blowing a large chunk of red hair into Lilian's face. "Bleck this hair tastes like kiwi apple shampoo. Not a good combo, maybe it's just because you aren't supposed to eat shampoo. Hmm who knows."

Lilian continued on with her journey to the capital of the world, Chicago. Instead of being a normal person however, she decided to start her journey in China. Obviously she was not concerned about China, she just wanted to get to Chiago. I mean, what is so important about China whhen you have Chicago?

Lilian was walking, when all of a sudden she ran into a monk. The monk instucted Lilian that there were hardships ahead. Lilian had no idea what the crap the monk was saying and so she continued only to run into a large cobra.

"OMG, it's a cobra! How cute!" Lilian rushed over to the cobra and tickled it under its neck like a young puppy. The cobra instead of being angry and killing Lilian it sat there and acted like a kitten, so Lilian decided to keep it.

C. Obra and Lilian were now headed to Chicago again. Now they were in Nepal where a man asked them if they would like to climb Mt. Everest. Well duh who wouldn't want to climb Mt. Everest?

So Lilian and C. Obra spent thousands of dollars on climing gear and other neccesities for climbing Mount Everest. They made it to the top in three days flat. "Wow, C. Obra that was an intense climb.I wish we could have gone faster, but what the heck it's good enough."

The next day, Lilian and C. Obra came to Egypt. Am elderly man asked them if they would like to come and visit the ancient pyramids. So of course being the good sports they were, Lilian and C. Obra went to the pyramids. Here they visited King Tut's tomb, Queen Cleopatra's tomb, and let us not forget Balogna Ham's home. Bologna Ham was Lilian's uncle and he had built himself a secret house in the middle of the desert.

One day, C. Obra decided to bite Bologna Ham. Uncle Ham had to be rushed to the nearest hospital which in this case was sixty seven and nine quarters miles away. So it took them a few minutes to get there by camel. When they got there, the camel dumped Uncle Ham off the side, creating in him great physical pain and let us not forget emotional pain since this was the camel he had trained as a baby.

After Lilian found out that Bologna Ham was allright, she and C. Obra continued on their journey. The next place they stopped was Africa; Niger to be exact. There were many new places in Niger that Lilian and C. Obra had never been to before, but who care they still needed to get to the greatest place in the world, Chicago! While in Africa, many people asked Lilian and C. Obra about their adventure. Lilian made her story short, simple, and greatly detailed. Here's how it went:

I am headed to Chicago, so get away from me.

The Africans stood around surprised by the story. Now obviously they were surprised because they did not speak English. Lilian realized this and tried to recall the African language she had learned in school. Oh school, they don't teach you anything, which is why Lilian left school and joined the air force. Then she realized that this had educational values and decided to go to China instead and then hike all the way to Chicago. So Lilian tried to translate her story into African, and here is what she was saying:

I am sorry for the hairy baboon that ate a pickle that had been oversalted.

The Africans were fascinated by the red heads story mostly because it was stupid and they were wondering why she had told it. Lilian left Niger, recieving many strange looks from people and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then guess what happend?

Lilian and C. Obra were now headed to the land of a thousand tounges, Europe. Fun fact: Europe is called the land of a thousand tounges because I just made it up. To me it means that there are way to many people there with more than one tounge. So Lilian and C. Obra ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured ventured verntured thats a fun word just say it and I'm talking to you Steve. Thats right.

Before I continue, I must tell you the story of my friend Steve. Here it is:

Once upon a time, once upon a time ago, once upon a space center, once upon a tamborine, there lived a boy named Steve. I said 'sup' to Steve and he didn't answer because he was to busy doing his cardio workout. I knew that from that moment on Steve and I were going to be best friends. By the way if you guys ever want to talk to him, his name is Steve Myer, aka Fred Myer's older less popular brother.

Fred and I are friends to, it's just when I said sup to him, he was doing yoga. So that is the story of me and the Myer family. So if you even want, you can go shopping at Fred Myer, except Fred Myer actually works at Bi Mart.