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Chapter 21: Idiots


She was tall, blonde, most probably stupid and I was going in for the kill.

Jane had the angst of a teenager—well, she was a teenager so I supposed I could forgive her for that—and she was spreading it all over this love triangle.

To be honest, I was becoming more than sick of it. I hadn't feasted on live prey for more than a month and even though it felt a bit like cheating, I decided that the kick I could get out of it was better than all the drama Jane was giving us.

"What's up?" I crept up behind the girl and laid my hands on her hips. The restaurant was crowded but nobody bothered. It was a shady place—things like that happened all the time.

She gasped and spun around. "Get your hands off—"

I hadn't expected her to react so flustered. Girls in this joint were normally used to this kind of stuff. I laid my hands on a few of them before. They were easy to bring to the back for a quick, hot snack.

Her voice trailed off. "—me."

Now that was expected. They always ended up the same way. Except for Jane of course. She was the only woman that was capable of going all mad crazy on me. That was to be fixed.

I smirked at my prey. "What's your name sweet?"


I leaned to her ear and whispered in a husky voice. "Want to follow me to the back?"

She took in another sharp breath and tried to push herself away from me. The innocent ones were always the most fun but also the most annoying. My patience for the day had already been used up.

I stared into her eyes. "Follow me to the back," I said in a soft murmur; soft enough so that nobody else in the place could hear me.

She nodded. I held her hand and pulled her along, maneuvering past the chairs and tables. Everything about this felt so wrong. It was the first time it ever felt wrong. I never had second thoughts about feeding from a live human.

I dragged her into the alley through the back of the restaurant. The staff ignored that I went through the back door. They were used to me doing such things; always thinking that I had a thing for their waitresses. Well, their blood tasted sweet.

"Come here." I pushed Jennifer against the wall with more strength than necessary. She winced. Unlucky for her, saying that I was in a bad mood today was an understatement. I grabbed her by her throat and allowed my canines to lengthen.

No need for formalities. I threw my head back before diving in and letting my fangs sink into her neck.

Her rich, metallic-tasting blood gushed into my mouth. I knew that it was a painful experience for the victims—her screaming and begging was enough to confirm that. Not that I cared. Normal people fed on cake when they were depressed or pissed. This was no different.

I lapped my tongue over her punctured wound before lifting my face off from the nape of her neck. "You're not afraid," I said, looking into her eyes again. She returned the same nod that everyone did after being compelled. I quite enjoyed the taste of her blood, although it could never beat Jane's. I wanted seconds for the night.

Jennifer's lips were slightly too pouty, or too full. I couldn't decide. It was a bit crooked to the left. No other lip could be better than Jane's. I didn't want to do what I did next, but the thought of Jane clouded my senses, and my head dipped down…

…and I kissed her, imagining her to be my mate. She returned my kiss with vigor, wrapping her arms around the back of my neck and pushing her hips against mine.

"Jane," I moaned into the kiss. Her mouth felt wrong—slightly too sultry, or her tongue a bit too rough. But I didn't care. I was too mad at Jane to care.

And yet, I wanted her so badly that'd kiss another girl, only to think about her.

I nipped her bottom lip softly with a sharp canine and it bled, allowing me to taste her coppery blood again. It made up for the fact that she wasn't perfect enough. "Jane," I whispered again.

I missed her.

And then I realized that I was being a total jackass. I pushed away myself from Jennifer—her hair was disheveled and her skirt hitched too high. What the hell had I done? This was stupid. I get into a fight with a soul mate that I had been searching for since who knew when, and soon after that I'm cheating on her?

I mentally smacked myself.

If Adan ever got a hold of this he would totally beat my ass—

A loud ringtone echoed through the alley. I took out my phone from my jacket and glanced at the screen. It was Hollie.

I pushed the green button. "What?"

"I have trouble," she said.

"Is this about Jane?" I honestly hoped that she didn't run off to do something stupid. I was sure that nothing else could make my day worse but that definitely would. I took a quick look at Jennifer. She looked bored.

Hollie sighed. "She's missing."

"Missing? Have you tried to look for her?"

"She was drinking something Angie gave her. It smells of teleportation mix."

"WHAT?" Teleportation mix. Also known as a potion in the demon world. Witches spelled them to do bad deeds—normally to kidnap people. It worked, but with terrible side effects. "I'm coming over right now. Have you told Adan?"

"He's coming over right now too."

Damn it. I didn't like it when he got involved in issues that had to deal with Jane. Heck, I didn't like it when he got involved in anything. I'd prefer it if he grew old and stopped sticking or poking his nosy little fingers into any situation that involved anything at all.

I made a disgusted face. "Got it. I'll be over in a bit."

I hung up the call and turned my attention to sweet Jennifer. "Looks like there's no second serving today babe. Your luck is out."

She showed me a face that said 'huh?'

I strolled toward her and slowly raised my hand to her cheek, stroking it gently. I really hated Jennifer. I couldn't believe that she somehow managed to deceive me into wanting her as Jane. At least she didn't realize what was to come.

Before she could react, I placed both my hands around her head and snapped her neck.

There wasn't much to assess at the house. A frightened girl was crying in Hollie's arms—I assumed that she had done the deed and wanting nothing but to kill her, but Hollie had this dumb logic that little kids shouldn't be killed. Why was I even listening to that stupid spawn?

Oh right, because Adan got her back and I was too tired and lazy to battle him. Besides, it would waste a heck load of time.

On the coffee table was a Mickey Mouse mug that had remnants of the teleportation mix. Jane must have drank the whole thing without suspecting anything. Shouldn't it have smelled funny—not that she knew.

The whole thing didn't scream 'murder' or anything like that. But the fact that the most important person—at least to me—that was supposed to be in this situation wasn't, was more than worrying. It seriously made me want to wring Adan's neck. Or more specifically Hollie's because she couldn't do her goddamn job well enough.

"Tell me why I can't kill her again?" I asked. I just wanted to break something. Anything. Well, another neck.

Hollie wrapped a protective hand over Angie's cheek. "Because she's just a kid!"

I rolled my eyes. "So?" The scene was sickening. The last time Hollie wanted to protect something like that was a man called Ray or something, two hundred years ago.

I killed him eventually.

Adan picked up the mug and sniffed it again. "We have to figure out who made this."

There were two idiots next to me. "Wow Sherlock. Thanks for figuring that out."

He brushed my comment aside. "Any ideas?"

"A witch made it so a witch—or some witches—can decipher it. I'll just take it back and let my witches do it."

"There's barely any left, and you know better than I do that teleportation mixes are serious magic. There's not enough for your witches to decipher."

He had a point. But I didn't want anything more than to get him out of my face—and to find Jane of course. "Fine, we'll need more witches. I'll search for them."

"Or you could just use mine."

"Or I could find more of that potion. Right Angie?" I turned toward the little girl and smiled at her. Just that it wasn't any ordinary smile. It was the demonic kind. The kind where my eyes went blood red and canines jutted out of my mouth.

The little girl screamed.

She deserved that.

"Jason," Hollie said. She held a frown on her forehead. Then, she stroked Angie on her head and shushed her down, rocking her back and forth.

I shrugged.

The little girl reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out a small little vial. "I have it here." She put it on the floor and rolled it toward me. "I'm sorry, just don't hurt me." She started bawling again. Kids.

So she actually did have something. I just showed her that face to scare the crap out of her. I squatted down and picked up the little vial from the floor. But it looked almost empty, with barely a drop of purple liquid staining its bottom. It was next to useless.

Or so I thought.

I flashed an amused look at Adan. "I think I know who took Jane."

"Who?" he asked.

On the cork of the vial was an emblem that I knew too well. The shape of a dragon and the initial 'K' was carved intricately on it. There was only one person I knew that had that initial and was obsessed with dragons.

It only made me want to strangle Adan even more. "You should take care of that spawn of yours," I said.

The horror on his face would have been entertaining, if deep down I didn't feel the same horror too.

Hollie voiced out for us the name that was no doubt repeating in both our heads.


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