Little Red Riding Hood I think you're up to no good,

In cahoots with the big bad wolf.

Your Grandmother would be ashamed of you,

For he's the forbidden companionship you've always craved,

Teeth deviantly sharp and quick to snap;

How can you be sure he'll never develop the urge

To have you as a midnight snack?

That he'll never betray you by breaking flesh?

What a mess you've taken upon yourself,

In befriending such a deviant hound.

Undoubtedly, hardships in companionship will abound

For as long as you claim comradery with a wolf

Your life expresses a price tag sporting an expiration date

And your conscious runs a deeper red

Than that of the cloak you've fashioned around your neck

To billow out for the protection of that four-legged fiend,

Out and down your back.