I can feel my heart aching

deep down inside

emotions is running high

My head going crazy

screaming to think about it

sometimes, I just can't take it

because it is too much

How can I show this face to the world?

I'm not used to it

remorse filling in quickly

in every inch of my heart

It hurts a lot

and I know this is not gonna be easy

life like this is not what i want

I want it to be better

forgiveness is what I'm seeking of

from you and myself too

cause i know I'm the reason

behind these tears and sorrow

I wanna be myself self again

to feel the memories coming to life

that's the best thing I can have right now

even though it slowly fading away

I can never let you go

even if you did

turning back the time

is what I wish for

hoping that you would understand

I just want you to forgive me

and make everything right again

like we used to be