Kelly sighed as she looked up at him standing at the foot of the bed. He had just pushed her down on it and she now felt the firm mattress against her bare back. He'd unwrapped her like a birthday gift, one that he'd waited months to open. Unzipping her silk dress and pushing it down past her waist and then fiddling with her pushup bra, before that fell on the floor too.

And then she moaned as she felt his mouth on one of her breasts, licking around the rosy pink aureole as her nipple hardened in response. Which meant…yes her panties would soon be damp. She closed her eyes as his capable hands gripped her body so he could better worship her nipple, nursing it with careful strokes of that wicked tongue before his lips seized it…gently with only the tease of teeth. She sighed as she struggled to keep still for him.

"Oh you like that don't you," he growled, "You're dying wanting me to push you down and fuck you senseless but I'm going to make you beg for it."



Then the assault on her other breast began and she thought she might scream, it felt too damn pleasurable…shards of ecstasy rushing through her bordering on sweetness of pain. She wanted him to unsheathe her of her lacy panties and his mouth to be against her pussy.

She wanted that wicked tongue inside her. She knew that soon she would get her wish, her knees buckling at the thought. But after he stripped her naked and had her standing in front of him, he pushed her against the mattress.

"I can't wait…."

At that point neither could she…god she needed him in the worst way and the best. No more of this waiting…then she watched him as he unzipped his pants. She licked her lips, as she watched him push his briefs down too and now he stood in front of her, fully aroused.

Oh God….

"I need you…"

He smiled as he moved closer to her magnificent without clothes.

"I know…"

Kelly broke up with a start, drenched in sweat…just when things had been about to get really hot. Sunlight streamed in her window and she thought, damn had she overslept? What had happened with her alarm and then she remembered it was Saturday. She had spent most of the evening last night on the couch with an environmental impact study to review on yet another one of Ivan's projects.

By the time she finished it, she knew when her next confrontation with Derek would be. Damn if Ivan could abide by environmental regulations the way the rest of his industry was required to do. The world would be a simpler place, her life would be simpler.

Then her skin burned to remind her of what she had dreamed. She wondered if the Derek of her dreams looked like that in real life. Would he want her that much? No, of course not…his dalliances as she called them usually involved uncomplicated women, those whose playgrounds ruled their lives because they really didn't have anything better to do instead. Felicity used a couple of them as inspirations for the more vapid characters in her novels. A couple of socialites had been infuriated when her first novel had come out hot off the press because they thought that she based her characters on them. One of them had thought about hiring an attorney to sue her sister but had backed off, not wanting to bring attention to just how much she did resemble some ditzy character in the novel.

The phone rang by her bed and she reached for it.

"Felicity, this had better be good."

"You're cranky this morning," her sister said, "You have a bad dream or something?"

Or something…damn what had her sister meant by that?

"I…I overslept…good thing it's the weekend."

"Indeed…hey are you heading to the regatta races today?"

Kelly tried to remember more about them and then she realized that today they were doing the next round in the championships. Derek would be racing his boat, the Excalibur against some of the finest in the bay. He had been favored to win but everyone knew he was an expert at the helm.

"Maybe….got some work to finish up."

Her sister snorted.

"Party pooper…I want to see you at the races…okay? I'll buy the booze."

Kelly chuckled.

"What about Alex…she always brings Denny."

"Yeah she's on board," she said, "I'm trying to set her up with Lars who crews one of the other boats."

Kelly paused.

"You really think she's ready?"

"She needs to just go out and talk to guys," Felicity said, "and not through her work. Not guys being indicted for murder or politicians being caught accepting bribes."

Alex had won a major reporting prize for that story. But maybe Felicity was right in that she needed to mingle with men again. After all, it had been quite a while since her husband's death. Then again, her sister had always been unlucky in love because not long before Denny had been Justin.

Derek's younger brother with enough wanderlust for the entire family. He'd traveled the world working as a journalist after he'd decided that being editor of the city's paper hadn't been enough. Alex and he had argued about that but in the end, he'd become a stringer for a global wire service and that decision had gotten him killed.

Oh there hadn't been a body found but then again, explosions didn't tend to leave bodies intact. He had to be dead because after all, he never came back home.

And despite his faults, Kelly knew he had loved her sister. But Denny had been there to pick up the pieces and in a move that surprised everyone, he had proposed marriage to her and she had accepted. Her sisters thought she'd been moving too quickly then after breaking it off with Justin but after the wedding, the couple had been very happy and soon enough Denny had been born.

No child had two parents that doted on him more than he did…until the night of the huge storm that had swept Denny's boat out to sea and no one came back home.

"What about you Kelly," she said, "You going stag to the races?"

Kelly's skin still tingled from where Derek's mouth had been in her dreams.

"Yeah of course…I don't date anymore. You know that."

Felicity sighed.

"Another stupid declaration by a sister," she said, "I must have been adopted."

Kelly laughed because after all, Felicity had been married herself quite a few times and was entertaining herself with a harem of men. Some of which she went out with at the same time inspiring a lot of gossip on the grapevine.

"I need to find you a boyfriend Kelly."

Kelly felt the usual irritation flood through her.

"Felicity knock it off…I'm perfectly happy with my life."

Her sister scoffed.

"When's the last time you got any?"

Kelly thought…last night but then that had only been in her sleep. It had been a while but was that really her sister's business?

"When did you?"

Felicity's response came swiftly enough.

"Two days ago as a matter of fact."

"Spare me the details," Kelly said, "and just butt out of my private life okay?"

"Whatever…see you at the races and bring your party spirit…"

Kelly clicked off her phone a moment later, shaking her head. Thinking it was just as well that she never shared her lusty dreams about Derek with her. She would never hear the end of it if she did that.

Derek looked up as Clarissa rode him like a bronco. He had played tennis with her and she'd been brutal on the court, returning all his volleys and showing off a wicked serve.

Afterward they had slipped away to a cabana that belonged in his family at the exclusive beach club. They had shed their clothes quickly still carrying the competitive drives they had brought to the court. He pulled her onto the bed, and she sunk slowly on his erection until she started moving against him. Bump and grind, the way she liked it. He could tell because she had her eyes closed as she moved, her tightly woven curls bouncing with each of her undulations.

He'd watched her pert breasts bounce up and down and then had closed his own eyes, concentrating on how good her pussy walls felt rubbing against his shaft. He needed to relax more and this was how to do it. No strings attached, she had just gotten engaged but still wanted to play around until the wedding.

That worked for Derek just fine. No complications, just great sex.

The only thing that would make it perfect would be…

Kelly would look so gorgeous riding him like Clarissa did. He wondered what her breasts looked like and how they'd move when she slid up and down his cock. Her face, how would she show pleasure? How would her skin feel beneath his fingers and that part of her wrapped snugly around his erection? He sighed trying to focus on the here and now but then again, why couldn't he think about her instead. Clarissa wouldn't care; in fact maybe she fantasized about another man beneath her.

He wondered if Kelly would like it hard and fast, or slow and leisurely. Would she want to set the tempo or want him to do it? His skin tingled as he imagined her nakedness above him, her pussy squeezing him as she changed her movement, kept him guessing. Maybe she'd want him to reach up and grab her breasts…maybe she'd lower her body enough so that he could take one of her rosy nipples inside his mouth. How would she taste? Both her nipples and….he felt his heart quicken.

"Oh Derek…this is soooo good…."

She quickened her tempo, slapping her body against him and he wondered if Kelly would talk when they…but that would never happen. They had nothing in common and besides she didn't like him much.

Then again she didn't really know him. All they had done was butt heads and flex legal skills against each other over his father's damn environmental reports. And hell, half the time she was right about his old man. But of course he couldn't tell her that because he was his dad's lawyer.

"Should I speed it up darling?"

He didn't respond so she took that as a yes…and the friction increased, which felt pleasurable but more so when he imagined it was Kelly making him feel good with her body. The one he'd never even seen except in his fantasies.

But how to turn that into reality, that would be almost impossible…but not quite.

Ashley walked up to Cagney and wrapped her arms around him. They were in the rose gardens that he tended surrounded by tall trees so no one could see them. She didn't care at that point. She kissed him passionately and of course he responded.

They broke for air.

"Oh Cagney…I can't take it anymore," she said, "I want us to be together."

He sighed as he still held her close to him.

"We are…we're together right now."

She shook her head.

"No I want us to be together forever," she said, "I want us to get married."

He pushed her away from him a bit so he could look into her eyes.

"Married…we can't get married," he said, "It would never work."

"We could my darling…we could fly to Vegas and do it there. Our families couldn't stop it."

Cagney wasn't too sure about that. He knew his own sisters would kill him before the vows.

"No…Ash we can't," he said, "Besides what's the rush? We have plenty of time to decide whether we're ready…"

"I am ready Cagney and if you loved me you'd be ready too."

He stroked a tendril of hair off her face.

"It's not that easy Ash," he said, "Your family wants you to marry into a wealthy family. That's how it's done in your world."

He saw pain etched on her face.

"My world…I never picked where I'd be born," she said, "Why don't we just elope?"

"We can't do that…we are from different worlds Ash and until you accept that…it'll just never work."

She looked at him then and knew he meant it but she loved him so and he loved her. Somehow they had to make this work and show the rest of the world that they were meant to be together.

So she knew she'd have to come up with a plan…