all i ask for: make me ask for what You ask for.

i never asked for this, my Rose, and yet
You know I'm Yours for the taking.

Your thorns may pierce my inertia,
their nailed fingers create
ruby petals on my naked feet.

i am Your property, and now indeed
You pin our hands together
and let Your banner flow
from my palms.

i am Your princess, heiress of the crown
of life, You offer me with outstretched heart
my bridal diadem, so why should I
not let the coronet that touched Your brows
paint suffering on my head?

floating in Your lily arms
i feel You harbouring the spear
Your lava seal wax touches
a paper so unworthy
to sense that roman signet ring
the past – eternal, timeless – here.

i am language,
Your red chalk writing,
Teacher, marks me
a blackboard
for Love.