Case of the Masked Phantom


John opens up his case of cigarettes. He lights the Cig and smokes it. Heh, he'd said he'd quit, but I guess some habits never cease. His cat is on the floor, it purrs at him. He pets the cat and then continues typing. He types:

'The case of the Masked Phantom'

He hits enter and the typewriter moves down to allow the next line. He puts

'By John Walden'

He thinks to himself and continues typing. He types:

"It was a night like any other. Heh, how many times has a writer put those lines? Eh fuck it, I guess we all write like that sometimes...but this night wasn't like the ones before it, even though at first it felt like it would be. This case was different. This case could've ended in my death...beloved wife, I wish you were still alive today, but I suppose that is my fate, alone with my Cat Fefe. Funny how life goes that way huh?'

He backspaced that last part. He must be getting crazy after this case. Wouldn't surprise him. He continued:

' This case could've ended in my death, but I guess that's fate. Sorry for the philosophical crap. Normally not my style, but after this, its hard not to. Guess I should start the story huh? It was the night of December the 14th. I was in my office. Not a dime on me. Broke again. Then some lady walks in wearing a nice dress. It was a red dress, cut to her ankles, had her bussoms showing nicely. The dress was strapless. She smelled of Hakubaiko. A scent often worn by people of Asian decent. Odd because she seemed to be Irish, funny because her accent was German. She had hair down to her shoulders, brown, well kept. In fact most of her looked like she was getting ready for a date or something. I instantly noticed she had bruises on her right arm and around her left wrist. She was barefoot and her feet were covered with mud, yet her dress was perfectly clean, and it had been a rather dry day. I gave her a my jacket and told her to sit at my desk. I had quit smoking for a few weeks at the time, so I didn't smell of smoke. '

I commented,' boyfriend troubles my dear?' She commented," No." An obvious fib but I let it pass because she seemed to have something else urgent on her mind, and it wasn't my business anyways. "I'm here because someone is after my husbands life." " So you want me to find out who the guy is?" "Yes." I commented," Ok, can you tell me who would want to go for your husband? Any details about this sorta thing?" She commented," Well first, our maid. She was fired because she was caught sleeping with our butler in our own bedroom, who we also fired." Funny, she didn't strike me as rich, but I let her continue anyways. "I also think it could be my husbands former best friend, Rick Mcdonaldson. He is jealous of my husbands fortune and actually claims he should've gotten more of the money, that it was his idea to start the company. He swore revenge. It all seemed odd to me, I don't know much about my husbands business, he keeps it secret." 'Illegal activities no doubt' I thought to myself, but I didn't comment and I let her continue. 'He's been sneaking around our mansion lately, but whenever I call the cops hes long gone, and we have no proof he was anywhere near the house. There's also the owner of our theater. It used to be our own private theater, but we opened it to the public for profit. The Owner was outraged when he felt he wasn't getting paid enough. Hes threatened my husband numerous times...That's all I have, wish I could be of more help." I asked for the necessary addresses and told her I would get right on it. She then got up and kissed my forehead. Surprised me a little, and then she broke down into tears. Her tears stained my coat. Her lipstick was still fresh on my forehead. She cried and commented," please help my husband. I don't wish for him to die but he was attacked and we don't know who did it. I don't feel safe without my husband, please helps us." I simply stated," Don't worry ma'am. I'll do my best." She thanked me and left.

The next morning I went to the address of the mansion to check up on something. The mansion wasn't there. It had been torn down. But not just that, it looked like it had been torn down a long time ago. I did some research and it turned out the mansion had been torn down 5 years ago. So I did further research into the woman who contacted me. I was curious to see why things didn't add up with her. According to an old newspaper clipping. She died 6 years ago. It even showed her picture, and it was the very same lady...'

John stopped for a second to put out his cig. Maybe he'd quit for too long, his lungs didn't like it that much, his tolerance for the stuff wasn't as good as before...he continued typing.

" I decided to look into the theater co-owner. I was curious to find out the whole story, as apparently the case I was given was still an unsolved one, in addition to how she had died or anything..the only records of anything was that newspaper clipping. The theater was still standing, unlike the mansion, however it was abandoned and felt like it had been ripped open, and left like a rotting wound. I entered with out a single problem and went into the theater. It smelled like rotting flesh, which bothered me but while my gut said something wasn't right, I didn't listen and continued to investigate. I looked in the main office of the building. It looked like the person who had the office had left in a hurry, like he had something to hide. Then, the closet opened on me for no apparent reason. I saw a fat man hanging from a noose in the closet. He matched the description of the owner of the theater..I threw up and then when I looked back up at the closet, no one was there. I found it rather peculiar and my instincts were telling me I was in over my head, but I had no idea how right my instincts were..yet I again ignored them. I went into the main screening room. That is, the one that was the biggest of all the others. The screen suddenly lit up and played a recording. It was a rock concert of some sort. It seemed to be some form of metal music apparently. The film quality was grainy, like the film had been sitting around catching dust for awhile and then just played. I looked up and saw no one in the reel room.

The Reel room was just glass walled, so anyone could see who was in it, no one was there at all. I was beginning to be worried, then I instinctively dodged out of the way as a sword went down and nearly cut me in half. I turned around to see a man with a potato sack over his head, covered in blood holding a sword. Now I guess my body never forgot the Tai-kwon-do I learned as a kid, because I instinctively kicked him in the side in such a way that my next move lead to a knock out blow to the head. But when I removed the potato sack..he had no face. And I don't mean his face was ripped off, I mean their was skin, but no eyes, no mouth, no nose..nothing. It was just blank skin. That isn't to say that the area where a face should be was was just..plain. I'm not superstitious or anything, but I knew that wasn't a good sight to see. Then I heard a chainsaw behind me and another fat man with the same appearance and a chainsaw coming at me. I did the same thing and it worked the same.

Then I heard someone clapping and looked up at the reel room to see a man, I'd guess in his 20's. Black hair, mid length. He wore a hood and a mask over his face and was cloaked. He told me he was called the Phantom and he had been admiring my work for years. I spat at him. I told him he didn't know a thing about me. He told me he new everything about me, how I used to be a criminal for a crime boss. That irked me. I had that part of my record wiped clean years ago, even became a detective, as you already know of course. But that wasn't all he had in store for me, as he caused two ghostly figures to float around me..they looked like my parents. Perhaps they were. They shouted how disappointed of me they were and how I should've been a better son. I shouted at the Phantom telling him that if I reached him, he was a dead man!" John backspaced that last part as he said to himself,"It was whiped clean for a reason John, get a grip." He then continued typing,"The Phantom laughed, and I ran to the balcony he was on, but when I reached it, He wasn't there. I saw dead bodies all over the floor. I recognized some of them..people I'd met before. I saw my old neighbors from my childhood, past fellow soldiers from my brief time in the military, and even a few people I simply remembered seeing just passing by them during casual walks. I vommitted of course."

Seems the Phantom had vanished. I looked into the sky in a place there was a whole in the roof..a beautiful full moon. I looked back at the bodies on the floor and..they were gone. I went home and decided to drop this case from my head. For a few days I didn't take any jobs...But that wasn't the end of it. I had nightmares every-night after that experience. The nightmares were terrifying, but indescribable, even for me. I could hear a whispering and laughing voice. This voice was insane, and tormenting."

"Mocking me and saying I was as bad as him, that we are the same. The voice wasn't anything I'd ever heard a human speak, I'll tell you that. The things I saw were weird colors and yet made no sense to me at all...such nightmares that made a man in his late forties like me, wake up crying. I hate saying this, but perhaps I won't end up showing all this I'm writing anyways..people might think I'm crazy. Maybe I am going crazy. I don't honestly know. I've never been able to sleep since, I've been driving nearly insane by thinking about it all..I'm merely writing this to get if out of my head..." suddenly a knock was on the door...