Chapter 7

A new day was apon them all. What lied in store for them was something few would ever believe.

The next morning, Paige was pregnant..but she hadn't had sex with any men in a long time, and why was her belly so large from it already?

Lucy woke up beside her,"morning sleepyhead. That was a lovely night we had."

Lucy kissed Paige's cheek. Suddenly Paige realized she was tied up. Lucy got up and went to get coffee. She sat on a chair beside Paige.

Lucy was nude, Paige had been clothed, Lucy had put a dress on Paige while she was sleeping. Paige noticed how beautiful Lucy's body was. Perfect breasts, nice legs..her vagina had tasted good too..that had been Paige's first lesbian experience.

Then Paige snapped herself out of it.."Why am I tied up?"

Lucy smiled, got up and smacked her. "I'll do the talking."

She licked Paige's cheek, but not in a playful way, but a perverted almost creepy way. For awhile Paige stayed that way..bound to the bed, still pregnant. Lucy turned on the hotel television and continued to sit in the nude on the chair, watching television.

Lucy would occasionally feed Paige some food. "Must keep the baby healthy."

John was reading the entry he'd been reading. It had been a month sense he'd received the book, but the more he read, the more interesting information he'd discovered. No one else could see the book, so he was fine. He did push ups regularly to stay in healthy shape. For whatever reason, Raven had given him the key to knowing all about the phantoms..everything he could possibly want to know about them, and he was going to use it to his advantage. There also had been a message from Raven in the book addressed to John.

It said "Tell the world about us someday. When you've gathered everything you need, reveal us. Then maybe I can at last be a peace for all the crimes I have committed, and all the lives I have tormented." John sighed. Even if he gathered enough information..who would believe him? He was in a mental hospital for telling them what he had said afterall.

Some of the information John had uncovered surprised him. The original Phantom was someone called Alpha. Apparently he was once even called Dracula..yes THE dracula..apparently vampires were actually Phantoms, using a tactic to scare people at the time. It also hinted that Alpha was sumerian, but not much else was said about him, even Raven was sure about him. He WAS the original phantom, so this made sense that Raven wouldn't know everything, but apparently Alpha still resides today in Transylvania.

The First Seven Phantoms were Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta and Theta. The "First Seven" were Phantoms for 85 years, but due to their arrogance, the system of Phantom Generations lasting 15 years each was put in place.

Each "Generation" of Phantoms would have 2 old veteran Phantoms stay, and the 5 remaining (2 older 3 new) choose successors, whom they'd train for 3 years before passing on. Aside from the first seven, who had to all pick a successor. Aside from Phantoms directly created by Alpha himself, Phantoms are created by Phantoms picking their successors among groups of Ritual Suicides. Aside from the first Seven..only Raven was chosen by Alpha himself. There was also something about how this generation of Phantoms was the fact of the Generation of Phantom called Arson.

A group called the "Phantom Hunters" had killed so many Phantoms in the late 80's, that it had esqued where the generations started to come from. (More info in the back of this book) and with that, it wasn't a wonder that Raven was created, though it's also suspected Alpha did this to unbalance his own equation out of boredom. Apparently however, the Phantom hunters of old were all dead..its rumored a new one exists, but Alpha deemed them not a threat. This information was interesting.

He only hoped it would actually have a use to him in the future. Still, his resolve had hardened. He would stand up to his fears, and face them head on, and he would take out the Phantoms, one way or another...if he ever got out of this mental hospital. He began working on his push ups again.

It had been 3 weeks with Paige bound to that bed. Lucy would regularly get food and return to the hotel. She took care of Paige, had a certain thing connected to Paige for her to use the bathroom into, so there was no messiness.

Lucy then perked up. She was nude, as whenever she got home, Lucy liked to be naked to show off her sexy body to Paige, which in some twisted way, was comforting for Paige, but then..she needed something to keep herself happy in her present situation.

Lucy smiled,"it's time Paigy." Suddenly Paige felt a rumble. She screamed as she was in labor. Suddenly her stomach itself ruptured open, blood pouring out of it as roaches swarmed out of her uterous.

Paige screamed as Lucy grinned,"Hawk created me all along, silly silly Paigy."

An infant came out of Paige, but it had glowing eyes and its had two heads on one body, it made clicking noises and one of the heads was deformed. The body had veins all over it and its heart was visible on its chest, nothing protecting or blocking its heart.

The infant was handed a knife by Lucy. "Don't worry Paigy, he's our baby. We created a beautiful child together, didn't we?"

Paige cried. She was so terrified.

Lucy smiled,"Shhh. Its okay, everything will be okay. Sleep now sleepyhead..everything will be okay." Of course Paige couldn't sleep.

The Child ontop of her grinned as it stuck the knife in Paige's eye and kept stabbing the eye. Paige screamed. The baby stopped as it walked off of the bed and went into the kitchen. Lucy licked Paige's cheek, this time her tongue was like a serpents tongue.

Lucy smiled,"Silly Paigy.. you are insignificant. Nobody cares if you die..nobody will miss you, nobody will even remember you. " Lucy had said it all so coldly. This time Lucy had sex with Paige again, as

Paige saw her body return to normal and the roaches vanish. This time, it was rape. Lucy raped was entirely different from the love making she had made with the same woman. It was frightening, she felt helpless, like she couldn't do anything to stop it, and it was worst of all..the only person Paige trusted.

Paige screamed,"I-I want to die. Please..please kill me. I can't take it anymore..I'll do anything, just please...please kill me. I want to die."

Lucy smiled and softly sang to her as she said,"Hush now little baby, don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird. Time to close your eyes, sleep well..forever."

She stuck a pillow over Paige and smothered her, Paige didn't even fight it..slowly the breathing stopped from Paige...until she died.

The baby came in and laughed,"I didn't even get to continue my fun."

Hawk landed next to both of them,"it doesn't matter. I've recorded everything, and you did well as my minions. Blue will be pleased with how artistic I went this time around, I think he'll see I deserve to be given a...lets say..passing grade on my first lone assignment as a Phantom."

John had a dream that night...he'd been in his cell so long, he'd grown lonely..perhaps that was the reason for the dreambut either way..the dream wasn't pleasant. In the dream, this is what happened...

John stood out in the snow, he was isolated.

Alone...he looked around in panic. He could barely breath as he felt closed in, as if their were walls around him.

The bitter air was his only comfort. He wondered how long before he'd freeze to death. Nobody for miles. No life of any kind. No birds, not even ants. He was..alone. He attempted to cry, but not a tear was shed. So he silently listened to the bitter air as his breathing calmed what could he do anyways?

Sometime he questioned if his toughness during his crime days was all an any case, here was this dream...but of course he didn't know it was a dream at the time..

Then he saw the sky change colors. It was purples and blues and reds. Then he looked at his hands, covered in blood. What had he done? He looked at his feet and saw a woman, she'd been stabbed repeatedly, and her insides were showing through her stomach...had he done that?

He cried as he saw the blood on his hands was hers.

What had he done?

He cried as he held on to the womans corpse, crying

This was the first sign of life all around him, and at some point he had apparently killed her. He ruined his only chance at a companion. The cold bitter air had no comfort..not kindness...nothing.

He felt the wind roll in and he got the his emotions seemed to be cut inside him again. Once again, he wanted to cry more...but he couldn' woman vanished. Now he didn't even have a corpse to keep him company. He decided he couldn't take it anymore, so he walked. He walked in the snow. There were no buildings around him anymore..just endless snow with nothing in sight

He walked and walked..for miles and miles. His feet began to bleed from all the walking..and he walked more. Nothing around him...isolation. He walked and he walked..hoping for change, but was left with nothing.

Nothing but snow all around him for miles..he felt he was going nowhere He sat on the snow, unable to walk anymore

he tried to weep..yet again, he could not shed a tear

he layed there..and he froze to death...and then he awoke from the dream.

Crow finally knew what was going on. He'd done his research..."Raven wanted to reveal the Phantoms to the world huh? How amusing. Well, I can't be bested by him now can I? What to do, what to do..ah. I have it. This will bring about a glorious day..heeheeheeheeh!"

It was a parade in the two square. People were gathering all over for celebration. Suddenly a lone figure with a crow mask appeared in the center of the parade. They likely figured he was apart of the show. A camera zoomed in on him. Crow laughed,"Ah..I'm ready for my close up. Listen here people, I don't want to have to repeat myself. I am what you call a Phantom. We aren't among the living, no. We're actually quite dead. But we take great pleasure in torturing every one of you, and making your lives a living hell."

Crow hissed as a mutilated corpse rose from the ground behind him, followed by ten more of them.

At first there was murmors. "How could one allow such a performance at the parade? So untasteful." Then Crow grinned as he pointed at a nearby building. It exploded. He pointed at another, and It exploded as well. People screamed and panicked as they ran every which way.

Crow laughed,"Today I reveal to the world, all cameras on me folks..PHANTOMS ARE REAL. We live among you and we will torture you..haunt you in ways you cannot imagine, and there is nothing you can do about it!" Several cops began to shoot at him.

The bullets stopped in their tracks as he sent them back at the officers. "No no no dear friends. Those could hurt somebody, you could poke someones eye out with those." With that, Crow had succeeded in his task, as newsgroups world wide picked up the story quickly and televised the existence of the Phantoms.

"Now to take it one step further...I'm sure my friend has taken care of it already.."

Back in the cell, it's been a month sense Crow revealed himself. John was doing his push ups when suddenly an explosion was heard nearby. He heard guards shooting outside before being killed. A creature stopped in front of his cell. It had a head shaped like a crow, but its body was muscular and humanoid, with scars and markings all over it, but the body was otherwise a normal human in appearance. It punched the cell door open.

It then walked past John like he was nothing and punched open the wall to John's cell and said,"Your free, dear John John. Crow sends his regards." and with that..the Crow-like creature..vanished.

John looked outside to see the town around him was in shambles, and on a television nearby it said "Reports state that the war against the Phantoms still rages on, with the new Resistance Group Rising to prominence, they still have caused much controversy over where they've been up until now and if they are actually effective. Families everywhere are advised not to panic and to remain in their homes." John was surprised,"What have I walked out into?"

Case of the Masked Phantom Part I end.