You've said some cold words.

"Who called that one?" You've said.

"Who predicted you only did it for fun?

Who said you would quit?

It was so predicable I won the bet.

That you're the biggest loser I've ever met."

Did you plan on breaking my heart?

If you so, you did it mighty fine

If not,

You couldn't have done better if you tried.

You think I'm worthless;


Your words have made me go lifeless.

I've cried so many tears,

Realized you've discovered my greatest fears.

But you have to realize I'm no weakling.

I'm a mere duckling,

And soon a swan.

To prove you wrong,

I'll do more than just stay strong.

I'll make the rest of life

A goal of proving you weren't right.

You're about to see,

My fiercest fight.

You said you'll never like me.

You said we'll never be.

To not make it a subject of dream.

You know what?

I think you're just being mean.

You think I'm ditzy;


Your words are driving me crazy.

I've screamed nonetheless,

And now I see it's just foolishness.

I'm not stupid

And I won't waste my precious time

Trying to make what will never be


So to prove you wrong

I'll spend my time elsewhere.

I'll make sure others receive my loving care.

You may not think this is fair,

But I don't care,

It's supposed to scare.

You broke my heart and it's time for my rebound.

Time for a comeback

I'll make you crack.

My beauty will shine.

From inside and out.

My success will have you wondering about

Why you aren't apart of it.

But that's just it,

You'll have no part of my wit.

You'll have to stand by and watch.

Watch me grow,

Watch me flourish,

Watch me grow exactly the same way you think I won't.

But don't.

Because I'll prove you're wrong

It will come so strong

That you're going regret everything

Everything you said.

Just watch and see,

You're going to wish you never said those darn things to me.