All the lies.

Shouts of untruth.

Why hide who you are,

When it leaves so many scars?

The Bible says to hate a lie.

That means don't give it a try.

Why test Jehovah's wrath?

Don't go down Satan's evil path.

Lies break people apart

Many times they break hearts.

The world is dripping in deception.

They think protection is an exception.

Lies don't help anyone.

They save no one.

White lies are no different

What you tried to keep concealed,

In a blink of an eye it has been revealed.

Things you want to yield,

Spreads through gossip.

Another sin I admit,

But yet,

There are lies you continue to commit.

Are you going to let these lies

Shed a permanent mark in your lives?

Are you going to let the truth slip by

Right in front your beautiful eyes?

Have you fallen asleep?

Don't you know what one sows he shall also reap?

Maybe not now,

Maybe you don't know how,

But it's coming.

This is what you'd get for being so cunning.

Listen to the Word of God, please.

Remember one of the seven things he hates

Is when one makes

A single white or black lie.

Remember Sapphira and Ananias,

You see they didn't submit,

They lied to God Almighty

If you do so too, see what you'll get?

Don't do something you'll regret.

His eyes see all things.

These things can surely sting.

But he can be the one to give

The strength you need to forgive

The strength to earn back trust.

Please, do whatever you must.

Don't quit your fight,

To do the things that are right.

Just think,

In Paradise you'll cry out in joy,

No more lies,

No they've all been destroyed.

Time at last,

Can finally be enjoyed.