Enjoy, was made for christmas.

Shawny Winfree presents, a furry christmas. Me and Moimoi are half cat half human, S'aints is half wolf and half human. Me and Moimoi are 5 S'aints is 29.

shawny: Mommy it's raining ice cream chips! (drools while watching snow fall)

Moimoi: You think everything is ice cream. You're gonna get fat eating all of that ice cream (laugh) #CRUNCH# MOMMY SHE"S BITING MY TAIL!

S'Aints: You two stop that this instant!

Shawny: He said I'm fat!

Moimoi: (rubs tail) Notton! I said you're gonna get fat *sticks out tongue*

Shawny: Thats just as bad!

S'Aints: Listen here, sit u asses down now! I'm gonna tell you a story and you better listen.

Moimoi:I don't want to hear a story.

Shawny: IIIIIIII want to hear it. Atleast I appreciate you momma.

Moimoi: (mumbles then sits down)

S'Aints: Ahem...

Twas the night before christmas,
And all through the house,
Ran little tiny feet,
Chasing a mouse.

Shawny rested tiredly
Eating a ripe pear,
While music from her ipod
Danced in the air.

"Come on kids."
Mommy S'Aints said,
"And turn off that music," Moimoi replied,
"Before it get's stuck in my head!"

So up the stairs they marched,
With their eyes beginning to droop.
Yet one sneaky kitty,
Stayed behind to snoop.

She grabbed a bowl of ice cream,
And ate on the family couch
And upon sitting on the remote
She screeched "OUCH!"

Then mommy S'Aints,
Hearing the clatter,
Ran down the stairs
To see what was the matter

"Get to your bed!" she yelled.
"You are not staying up late!"
Shawny walked up the stairs,
Mumbling "Great."

Now the children,
Were snug in their bed,
Pawing the air out of their sleep
At eachothers tails that dangled above their heads.

Then a strange sound awoken
S'Aints the kid's mom.
She sat up in bed and groaned,
"Oh come on!"

She put on her robe
And from her window looked outside,
And who should she see
But Santa out for a ride.

To each one of his reindeer,
He called them by name,
To dear S'Aints,
She thought of that as 'Lame'.

"On Dasher, on Prancer!
Rudolf you're the best!
I'm calling on you
Because I forgot the names of the rest!"

And onto the rooftop,
His reindeer and sleigh,
But S'Aints shouted,
"Oh hale no, I just fixed that roof today!"

Down the stairs she dashed,
To catch Santa Clause
To get him to move,
And tell him whose boss.

But to her surprise,
Instead of a man all hairy and fat,
She saw a young santa,
(Who was sexy at that.)

"Well how are you?
Have you been naughty or nice?"
He smiled at S'Aints who said,
"Because of you, I might be naughty tonight."

Before things got any further
From a heated kiss,
Down stairs came Moimoi,
And his little sis.

"What did you bring us?"
The children asked.
The adults looked at eachother,
Hoping the children will get tired fast.

But unfortunately for them,
The kids would not sleep,
And for S'Aints on the inside,
She began to weep.

"I have to go now,
The suns comming up."
The children stopped singing
And S'Aints said "What?"

"But don't worry.
I'll be back christmas eve,
And as a present for you,
Your house will be the last that I leave.

" With a wink to the mother,
And a hug for the kids,
Back up the chimney,
Really fast is what he did.

And into his sleigh,
To the mother a wink again,
"See you next christmas!" he cried.
And the reply from S'Aints "I'll wait til then!"

"On Dasher, on Prancer!
Rudolf you're the best!
I'm calling on you
Because I forgot the names of the rest!"

Off he went,
Again with the call
"I'll be back to see you,
Next fall!"

S'Aints: The End.

Panda Bear Kyrstin: You really think I'll believe that you met santa and you two fell in love?

S'Aints:It really happened!


S'Aints: There he is. Thanks for watching the kids.(Gets in Santa's car) bye!

Kyrstin: ... -O-

Lol i made this a long time ago on my facebook. Kyrstin is my friend.