Author's Little Note: I don't really understand where I'm going with this story. I want to delete it completely but this little character Electra keeps kicking my mind in the behind. She doesn't want to be forgotten but I can't seem to mold her into any plot. PLEASE HELP ME! Review my story and offer me some plots! I would really enjoy it! And in return I'll give you some credit! Please R&R!


I wish that I could say that I was just a normal girl and that my life changed unexpectedly one day….blah, blah, blah. But I would be a liar if I said so. I was never normal. I was born strange, and I was content with being strange old me. It's just that I have no name for going beyond weird…

Chapter One: Butt Ugly

"Electra! Dodge!" Jen's voice reached me and Dodge just in time. I tackled Dodge, and we rolled away a millisecond before a sharp claw came slashing down. The beast roared, reared itself on its hind legs, and spewed hot fire into the sky. I staggered to my feet, and pulled my baby bro, Dodge, to his.

"Get outta here!" I snarled, shoving him away.

"B-but, Ellie!" he pleaded eyes wide "lemme help"

The ground shook and I heard Jen's cry of rage. Then the beast roared. I gave Dodge a scathing look, and with one final shove pushed him onto the sidelines. Then, I turned my back on him, and leaped into the fray.

Now I've seen ugly in my day. But the thing me and Jen was fighting….whoa boy, it was a whopper. It was thick, with a scaly body that was about as long as a minivan. It pulled back its snake like head, and stared at Jen with murderous blood red eyes. Its long curved snout was filled with yellow needle thing fangs that dripped some green substance that burned the grass around it. I could've sworn it was a dragon, a really small, really lethal dragon but its thick trunk like body and long spiky tail said otherwise.

"It's hide!" Jen screamed, "Get at its hide" I dodged a scorching torch of flame and tried to find what she was talking about. Then I gagged.

"No way!" I yelled at Jen. She was dancing out of the thing's grasp, trying desperately not to use her powers.

We were in a park by the way. And people were freaking out around us, yelling and screaming, and generally making it hard for me and Jen to dispose of the dragon-dinosaur thing properly.

The thing lunged at Jen, who ran behind a tree. It didn't bother ripping up the tree. Instead, it turned it's gaze on me.


With a hiss, the monster tensed its muscles and pounced. I staggered back, and panicked. Then I did something stupid. The monster, only inches away from ripping me to doggy bits, slammed into my energy shield. I staggered back some more, feeling the brunt force wash through me.

"ROOOAARR!" the monster went, and slammed me again. I gasped, and tried to hold against the pressure. The thing was strong. I saw black dance through my vision. I wouldn't be able to use my energy shield for long. Another slam had me on the ground. The monster was now repeatedly clawing at the shield, trying to get to me.

"ROOOAAARRR!" this was a roar of pain. The thing flew across the park, taking a mound of dirt and a small tree with it.

"Dodge!" I yelled

He gave me a half-grin, and held up his hand. Blue sparks were still dancing between his fingers. Anger surged through me. Gosh, he was such a hard head.

A few people, now crazy with fear, tore past me. I didn't know what they could see, but with a monster that powerful, it couldn't be good.

"Hey, Ugly!" I shouted

Jen poked her head from behind the tree…."NO! ELECTRA NO!" she shouted at me.

Too late, I was done playing taunt the ugly monster. I closed my eyes and summoned my staff. It appeared from the ground and shot to my hand. I grasped it tightly, feeling renewed power surge through me .The monster struggled to its fours and gave me a defiant roar. I felt a familiar tug somewhere deep inside of me, the call of my powers, and I channeled it. Lifting up my staff, I aimed it at the beast and willed the energy to shoot towards it. It came out as a golden streak, hot and blazing, something that would kill any normal human who dared try to control it. It hit the monster right in the belly, lighting it up like some freaky jack-o-lantern. The monster bellowed a roar of pain, as the energy spread through its body .The roar pierced my eardrums, made my heart give a silent wail of sorrow, until finally, like a star, the beast glowed and then burned to ashes. I released my hold on the staff, and crumbled to my knees. The staff rolled from finger tips and melted into the ground. Sweat beaded my forehead. My bones felt like jelly.

"Electra, you're so reckless!" Jen was storming towards me. Her neat bun was undone, letting wispy pieces of her platinum blonde hair fall into her face. Her face was contorted in rage. For once, she looked about as dangerous as she really was.

"Why couldn't y-"Her angry gaze melted off. She ran the last steps just in time to catch me as I fell into her arms. Red danced on the edge of my vision.

"S-shut up…."I managed to cough, before the red was pushed back by the black that engulfed me.

"Oh, you stupid girl!" Jen's voice echoed in my head.