Chapter Ten: Life Bringer


Sue looked up, at me in surprise. At first, I wondered why, and then I realized that I was the one who had spoken. A part of me was still lost, and confused

"No?" Sue said, cocking an eyebrow. It was a usual gesture that meant that trouble was coming; when I had been younger, seeing Sue cock her eyebrow had me terrified.

"No" I said again

"Why?" she asked me.

"Because" I began. I honestly didn't have a reason; I was simply overwhelmed, and scared, and still lost. Not to mention, that for no reason I had to fight Drew with my magic, and I had lost control of myself. I still saw Angel Burns's possessive eyes, and his hungry inhuman eyes. "Because" I blurted out "because I have no idea what's going on! All of a sudden you're a specialist? All of a sudden, I'm being thrown into room Alpha 13 where I'm pitted against a blue boy?"

I stood and stamped my foot like a little kid. I didn't want to learn anymore; I wasn't ready to learn about our origins or the true reason we protected the Witches. To be honest, I hated the Witches; they were taking away everything. My freedom, my joy, and now my adoptive mother who had turned freaky teacher on me. I felt four again, and all I wanted was for Sue to hug me and tell me that even if my mom and dad were gone, she was my mom. And that she would take care of me. She would stop this

But she wasn't. I could see from her cocked eyebrow that Sue wasn't seeing what I felt. She was seeing that I was an ungrateful brat and that I was just being Electra, the spoiled untamed girl.

I put my face in my hands and tried to hold back my tears. I wasn't going to cry. Not when Sue that that I was being a simple girl and that I wasn't achieving the true meaning of being a Gypsy

"Ellie?" the nickname made me look up again "Ellie, remember this is bigger than you" Sue said, standing in front of me.

"Why is everyone saying that!" I yelled "Why?"

Sue flinched, and said softly, so that Drew couldn't hear "being a gypsy means you are here to protect people. Isn't the simple satisfaction of protecting and loving selflessly enough?"

I sniffed. How many times had I heard Sue tell me that? How many times had she whispered those words to me, when I had gotten in a scrap with someone and I had to be reminded that I was better? That I was a Gypsy and my purpose was to the Witches.

"No" I said, selfishly "No, it's not enough"

She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, I turned on my heels and left. She called my name, told me that I had to stay, but I didn't listen. Did I care? No. I was confused, and betrayed. Everyone I knew, everyone I loved was stacking this life against me. Forcing me into it. And how many days had it been already? Three? Three days, and already, I was a huge wreck.

I stepped into the foreboding air of the different campus. Above me, the grim air hung thick with the scent of rotting flowers and growing life. The feel of the cool dry air on my face, and blowing through my hair calmed me down. Somehow, I could see myself being a Light wielder. I connected with nature so wholly and purely.

I walked away from Alpha 13, and turned past the building. I knew that I would have to apologize to Sue soon. And that I would have to return; I couldn't simply not go to training. I wasn't a human girl. I couldn't go to high school, and ditch school. It wasn't like that with magic; you couldn't miss lessons. If you did, you lost a piece of your magic

I plopped myself down on a ivy covered bench and stared at the grass crushed beneath my feet. So many laws. So many traditions that needed to be followed. So many complications. Magic was pure, and beautiful, and a simple thing. But at the same time, there were the tales of Magic being evil, and bad, and manipulative. It was a two edged sword. If you didn't know how to use it, you might as well just impale yourself. I focused on a dying flower, sitting forlorn beneath the shade of the magnolia tree I was sitting under. I stared at it, and thought of how sad, and bitter it was that such a beautiful thing would die. Everything deserved life. Everything deserved a way out. A better way. I slipped from my seat, and stared at the poor dying flower. Above me, I heard the sweet chirping of a bird. There was the ravenous caw of a predatory bird, and I looked up in the sky. The birds chirping ended with a squawk and besides me, a small form fell to the ground, covered in drips of blood.

I stared at the birds dying body. It was ironical how, just as I was thinking of life and magic, something would die. I stared at the bird, squatting next to me, and saw its final death twitches. It gave a pitiful moan, and its little beady eyes went glassy. It had died fighting some bird. Poor thing. I had enjoyed its simple, sweet song. And now, it was chirping somewhere else.

For some reason, I felt myself reaching out to it. I hated touching dead things; it wasn't cool. It was gross and vile. Only Dodge seemed to appreciate the dead. But, on the inside, something was pushing me, edging me closer to the dead thing. Heat was licking up my arm, into my heart, into my hand. It wrapped around my mind, and made breathing difficult. I touched the bird, and saw that it was still warm.

It happened quickly. A searing white hot pain lanced throughout my body, connecting me to the bird. Light engulfed the creature, and tied me to it. I screamed in pain, and tried pulling away, but in the end, I couldn't. I closed my eyes, shielding myself from the heat and light. I saw red press against my shut eyelids.

And then, just as quickly, I was let go. I fell on my butt and gasped, feeling the blood come back into my arms and legs; my heart was going hammer, beating crazily in my chest.

And horribly, impossibly, the little bird hopped to its feet, and chirped, cocking its little head to the side. It was a robin, with blue twanged feathers. It tested its wings, and took flight.

I watched eyes wide, as the bird tweeted, and came to me, rubbing its tiny head against me. Then it was off, seeming to chirp a simple "thank you" before it was gone completely. I sat, astounded and dumbfound. I couldn't move, I couldn't think. I sat on the grass, and wrapped my arms around myself. Next to me, the wilting flower stood tall and green, dancing in the slight breeze. It bobbed happily, and it to, said in its silent way "thank you".

It was impossible, I knew it. Light Wielders were the only Gypsy's who came close to bringing life back. But that only applied to the elements and even that didn't happen. You couldn't bring flowers or plants or anything else to life. Especially not animals. That was impossible. The dead stayed dead and that was the way it was

But I had proved myself wrong.