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"I think I am in love," Linoq said dreamily.

Dionov rolled his eyes. "That is what you said last time."

The younger man scowled. "I thought we agreed that we would not speak of it ever again!"

Dionov shrugged. "Look, you do not have time to fall in love. We will find a fuel source, and then we will leave."

Linoq scowled. "Fine, YOUR MAJESTY."

"Your attitude is getting tiresome quickly."

"Who is the alpha here, you cretin?"


"Dinner is ready! I am so happy for myself…"

"Really, Mom? It doesn't take much skill to make macaroni." Sindi drawled.

"Do not be a downer, Sindi." Zukia admonished.

His sister sighed in frustration. "It's not like she understands what I am saying!"

Their mother looked in between them, confused. "Do not raise your voice in my house. What is the matter?"

"Nothing, Mother," Zukia chimed in quickly.

Sindi rolled her eyes. "I'll come down and eat later. I've got stuff to do."

Zukia watched, crestfallen as his older sister stomped out of the room.

"Where is she going?"

Zukia just sighed and moved to sit beside his mother. She pulled his tiny body against her own and bent to kiss the top of his head.

"I am very proud of you, love. And I am sorry that we had to move so abruptly."

"It is fine, Mother. May I please be excused?"

"But…you haven't eaten anything…"


"That is fine, as long as you eat in a little bit."

She sounded sad. Zukia was overwhelmed with guilt, but he knew that he needed to go talk with Sindi.

He kissed his mother on her cheek and began to walk up the stairs. He only made it halfway up when a sharp pain went through his head, blurring his vision. He stumbled.

"Hey, guys, look! He's crying!"

Stronger pain startled Zukia out of the memory. He struggled up another stair.

Another flare of pain, and he tumbled backwards.

"Zukia!" his mother cried, catching him. He was unconscious. "Sindi!"

The girl came running. "What happened?"

"I do not know! I heard him stumble on the stairs, and made it up in time to catch him. Come and help me!"

Sindi grabbed her brother's legs as her mother held his shoulders. Together they carried him up the stairs and into his room.


Dionov blinked in surprise as Linoq abruptly sat up in his cot.

"Something is wrong," was all he said before racing out of the spaceship.

"Linoq! Dammit, get back here!"

His words fell on deaf ears.

"That man will be the death of me," he muttered darkly.


Linoq ran.

His mind was fixed solely on the angelic white-haired Ukrainian.

Something was wrong, he could feel it.


Sindi gasped in shock as Zukia jerked to a sitting position. "Hey, angel, lay back down. You are okay."

He stared through her.


He blinked once. Twice. His eyes focused. "Sindi…what happen?"

"You fell on the stairs. Mother is very-Oh my gosh!"

Sindi jumped backwards as a figure crashed through the window.

Zukia gaped in horror at Linoq.

"Oh. Um, hello," the alien said, lifting a hand.

There was no time for Zukia to respond. His mother ran into the room with a frying pan, screaming in Ukrainian. Her words were so slurred together that even Zukia could barely understand what she was saying.

He understood what she wanted to do.

Zukia jumped out of bed and leapt in front of Linoq. "No, Mother! He is the one who saved me today."

She stopped and looked at them both dubiously. "Really?"


His mother dropped the pan and enveloped Linoq in a hug. "Thank you so much. But, if you ever do it again, I will not hesitate to crush you with this pan." She picked it up again and waved it menacingly.

Zukia laughed. "She says if you do again, she hit you with pan. Much times."

Linoq nodded. "Good to know."

They stood awkwardly.

"I'll be honest, I don't fully understand where this leaves us," Linoq stated.

Sindi glared at him. "How about you tell us who you are, and we'll go from there?"

The alien looked surprised. "You are more fluent in English than your brother."

The tall blonde nodded. "I am very interested in English and all of its little oddities."

"Interesting. Well, I am Linoq of Vqena. Who are you?"

Sindi looked confused. "Vqena? Where is that?"

Whoops. Linoq pretended to look surprised. "Vqena? No, I said Vienna! In Italy."

Sindi looked even more confused. "Vienna is in Austria."

"Oh, would you look at the time… I have to go!"

Linoq leapt back out of the window.

"Wait!" Zukia cried, jumping for the window.

"Zukia!" his mother cried as he fell out of sight.


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