so Blind

You contradict yourself
but refuse to admit
you can't see under the skin
You complain that I don't appreciate you
but you forget to notice
the things I do in exchange
My silent Thanks.

I send out my aura of silence
I've given up trying to convince you
I'm tired of being scolded
when it's not even me
Yet still you approach me
with that ignorant air
and you continue to say
the worst things possible
The things I have to do
to escape from these cruel emotions I feel
You have eyes but you do not observe
This truth hurts me
and it becomes so difficult
to find simple patience
There's been so much time
and I've watched you
but still I see no change
You should have realized
somewhere along the line
Why do you not understand
when it's time to stop
because some things, once lost
are impossible to recover
Just get it already.