Hey Everyone! So i wrote a new prologue because I felt that the other one was a little bit boring and I wanted to develop Jev's Character. This is his POV, just so that there is no confusion!

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Terrible Pain. That was all I felt. It blinded me and I could barely see in front of me as I ran/flew away from the one thing I thought would never cause me pain toward another form of pain. I was naïve to think that there would be no consequences. Tears streamed down my face and I could see a faint glow coming from my skin. I tried to pull it in, but could not find the strength. There was a deep hollow in me of loss and all I wanted was warmth. I started to the portal only to have hands take hold of me and hold me away from my salvation. I strained my wings but the hands held fast.

"You do not belong here Jevanael." I heard a painfully familiar voice say as it tugged me away. Horror filled me like I have never felt before today. They were headed for the counsel hall.

"Raal, please." He looked back at me, pity filled his eyes.

"I am sorry, Jevanael." He whispered. A new angel was before me and I fell to my knees as I beheld Michael. I saw others come, angels I did not know that wore gray instead of white. They had swords of flame that hung at their waist. I felt my pain become anger. A ferocious, burning anger that spread through me like fire. I tore away from my brother and surged to my feet. My anger burning away my fear. I swung at my brethren with my fists but they took ahold of me in a matter of moments and pushed me back to my knees. I felt my rage grow, it throbbed inside of me, pulsated in time with my raging heart.

"You will send me to Hell? For this?" my anger flowed out of me and tainted my words. Michael looked down at me, his face calm, pensive.

"It is done. Our actions will never change, they are set in stone. You have made your choice, your path and you have fallen, Brother. It is done." I single tear ran down his right cheek as he bowed his head. His sorrow only enraged me more. I thrashed and bucked against the hands that held me down. Then I grew very still as his words made sense in my sorrow stricken mind.

"No." That was all I got out before the pain. The worst pain. Deeper than any pain should be and ever will be. Then I was falling. An endless weightless falling, the pain lingering as I fell to a world that would become my Hell. I crashed down to Earth. A dark and damp forest greeted me and a loss greater than I could have imagined weighed on me as I reached behind me. Nothing. The pain and sorrow and anger welled up in me and burst from me in a howl of misery. It echoed off the trees and into the sky as the stars shined down on me coldly and that night, I became a part of that coldness.

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