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Battle Done And Fought For

Jev's POV

Okay, so I felt bad about what I said; the fact that it was her I said it to. She was after all just a baby and didn't know any better yet. She actually felt that she was justified in what she did. If anyone should know better, it should be the fallen, me. I tried and He ignored my remorse and let me to reside in this hell for the rest of time. Centuries had passed and I was still pissed. I walked out to the living room to find Camille curled up on the couch, fast asleep. Deep into the world of weightless decisions. I watched her in fascination for a moment before shaking myself and turned away to pack. We would be leaving as soon as possible. Racthor was bad news. He was one of the greater demons that lurked in this world and there was no way that I would be sticking around to see his wrath. And on top of that nugget of fact, I had been tracking his ass for months, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. These two had to mess everything up. I shook my head again as I grabbed some clothes and stuffed them into one bag then filled the others with much more needed supplies: guns and munitions.

Then I felt it. Something big was coming. We needed to move.

Dan's POV

My eyes flew open, fear crawling up my aching spine to settle in my parched throat. Not aware of what woke me other than my unease, I looked over at Cam. She was curled up on the couch asleep but in an instant, she bolted upright, feeling the shift in the air, which tingled with malevolence. She looked over at me, fear swirling in her green eyes. That was when the Fallen, Jevanael, came into the room with a few bags over his shoulder and an semi-automatic rifle in his hands. He looked calm, collected and cool, which I think scared me more than the impending doom that I felt creep through the air.

"I think that it is time to go," his voice cold and calculated. I saw that Cam seemed to be frozen where she sat. I knew that I could not protect her in my current condition and that fear bubbled over and surpassed all other fears. After a moment of us not moving, Jev walked over to me and mercilessly pulled me to my feet, feeling some of the stitched break and pop out of my skin. I could not stop the moan that escaped my mouth. "You'll survive the pain, believe me, but not the legion of demons coming our way. So get your ass moving Angel Boy." He barked at me. Then he turned to Cam and pulled a hand gun from the waistband of his dark jeans and handed it to her. My eyes widened.

"No guns! She will not use a gun!" I took a painful step forward. There was no way I was letting her use that thing. But of course, I was ignored by Jev, who stepped in front of me and instead, he placed the gun in her hand and showed her how to hold it properly. Then he got behind her and said,

"Take aim at that hole in the wall," his arms wrapped around her so he could control the aim. His closeness to her was starting to make my blood boil, and I had no idea why it should bother me. "Now, sight down the length of the gun and always keep it at eye level if you are aiming it at a moving, humanoid target." She nodded and took a deep breath. "Now, contract your index finger. Rely on your heightened angel senses. They will help you when the time comes. Prepare yourself for the kickback and bang. Pull the trigger." Then he stepped back and watched her expectantly. She looked over at me helplessly, seeing the look on my face. She did as she was instructed and winced at the sound. Jev however just looked impressed. She had hit the mark dead on. "Good. You're ready." Then he threw a machine gun at me and said,

"I trust that you know what this does," then he paced quietly to the front door, looking back at us with a look that was loaded with something that I couldn't quite place. Then he cautiously opened the front door and peered out into the darkness. The rain had stopped but the clouds lingered. It was darker than I remembered it being when we got here. Jev stepped out and swung back and forth, scanning the street and nearby yards. I shiver went through him, his fear showing through his cool façade.

"When I tell you to run, you run like hell, got it? Straight for the jeep." He cocked the gun in his hands, paused….

"RUN!" We took off with him right behind us, spraying the night air with bullets. Shadows were moving in on us and I aimed the gun in my hands at the nearest one and loaded the chamber with a series of loud clicks. I let loose the bullets and faltered slightly at the kickback, pain searing through my back all the way down to my toes. My wings rebelled and burst out of my back, extending to their full height, realizing that they were a liability I forced them back into their sheaths with a shout of pain. It all happened in a matter of moments, which were the longest in my life, and in those moments, I realized that we weren't going to make it out of here alive. Shadows were exploding everywhere as bullets hit them. I aimed and shot thinking only of keeping Cam safe, regardless of the pain tearing through my body with each shot.

Then, as quickly as it had started, it was over. It just stopped. Just like that. The air was full of gun smoke, which cleared away slowly. I dared not blink in fear that they would return. Something was wrong.

"Where did they go?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"I thought I told you to run and get into the jeep?" He snarled. I pulled Cam close to me. She hadn't made a sound during the whole fight and she was shaking uncontrollably. My back felt like it had been set afire.

"Well, be glad that I didn't do as I was told. You would be dead right now, yes?" I retorted and he got very quiet. I had this distinct feeling that he did not like to be in the debt of others. But then he said,

"They just took off. I don't think that that is a very good sign. They let us get away."

We backed our way to the jeep slowly, keeping our eyes in all directions as best we could. When we reached the jeep, we piled in and Jev took off.

Jev didn't say another word the whole time for what seemed like hours before he pulled over abruptly and just sat there with the car idling for a very long time. His face was stormy and livid and unless I was mistaken, afraid. His silence filled with his hidden thoughts. I could feel the blood drip down my back all over the upholstery. I leaned my head back, willing myself not to pass out again. Then Jev turned to us and said,

"First of all, you are going to tell me what is going on and what you are doing here when we get to where we are going. Second, we are going to find somewhere safe to crash, and I know of a damn good one. You are going to tell me who you are to those demons because they have it out for you and I don't want to be involved, got it? So start explaining." I raised my head tiredly and looked at him.

"What do you mean who are we? We are pretty much no one. We are 'babies' as you seem fond of calling us. We have done nothing to cause them to hate us besides the fact that we are angels." I was angry and tired and getting very fed up with his demanding. "We aren't asking you to get involved. We will go back to heaven and be as far away from you as we can get so don't worry about it too much."

"Then what the fuck are you waiting for? GO! Don't let me stop you. Forget about the fact that you just screwed up the whole order here by just being angels." He looked at us, hatred pouring out of him in waves. He pushed the lock mechanism and waited. I made no move though Cam straightened, getting ready to leave the car. She looked back at me confused.

"Is there a problem?" Jev sneered. I looked over at Cam, remembering what the guards at the gates had said. At the time, I didn't register it, I was unable to.

"NO one is to leave until we know what has happened, Daniel. We are closing the portal-" That was when I had punched him in the face, ending his speech. I felt the color drain from my face.

"They closed the portal. No one can get in or out of Heaven."

Cam looked at me like I had suddenly started to speak in a foreign language. Jev on the other had seemed to be close to having a major brain hemorrhage. Then, this look passed over his face and he just turned around without another word and put the car in drive and pulled out into traffic.

The rest of the ride was ridden in silence- Cam because she was in shock, me because I couldn't think of anything to say, and Jev… I have no idea what his problem was and I had a feeling I didn't want to- which built up to the point of breaking and somehow managed to hold tight there until we pulled up to a shabby bar with apartments above it. I didn't think that it looked very safe at all, but maybe I was wrong. All I know was that I wanted it to be safe, if only for a little while so I could lie down and heal and be able to keep Cam safe for as long as I was able to.