A/N: Love is when two people who care for each other get confused. - Bob Schneider

"So, I guess this is it." She breathed. It took every ounce of self-control in her to not cry right at that moment. Rehaana Malik was saying good-bye to her best friend of four years. And it wasn't fucking easy, to say the least.

"I guess so." Vardhan Singh said, nodding. He was surprised that Rehaana had managed to not break down yet. He figured she'd have drowned in her own tears by now. But a part of him was glad she didn't…because she had been his strength for the past four years, been there when no one else was. And if she had broken down, he wouldn't have been able to stop himself either. He never really told her how much he appreciated her. That was the one thing he regretted about their friendship, she understood him so well, that sometimes, he didn't say things, even if they should have been said. Now he wished he could go back in time and tell her how much she really meant to him.

"Well, good luck in law school, Vardhan. Harvard won't know what hit them." She said, to which he frowned.

"Okay, I didn't think you'd mean it would be completely final yet, you know. I'm going to help you take down your stuff to your car."

"Nope, that won't be necessary. College is over, and I need to get used to not having you around for every little thing."

"Just because we both graduated, doesn't mean our friendship will be over. We'll still be best friends, forever, and ever, and ever. Isn't what we promised each other?"

"Technically, we graduated about two months ago, in May. We only stayed in Evanston because we couldn't find people to sublease and we figured we might as well enjoy the last summer before stepping into the world outside Northwestern."

"I didn't have to stay…" Vardhan reminded her, fully knowing it would piss her off. But he liked Rehaana when she was angry. There was just something that flashed in her eyes, and it was almost as if her face would glow from the anger. All that aside, she was pretty scary when the anger wasn't aimed at him. He had always felt sorry for people who had had to deal with Rehaana's wrath in the past. As for him, her anger dissipated rather quickly when it came to him. She couldn't stay mad at him for too long.

"Okay seriously, I feel like the only reason you would even bother to keep in touch is to rub that in my face. That and everything else you do for me." Rehaana said, shaking her head, hating herself for taking the bait every damn time. He always did this. Always. He got some sort of satisfaction seeing her mad, which was probably the one thing she would never understand about him. Actually, there was a lot that she didn't think she'd ever understand about him, but even then, she knew him better than anyone else. Better than his parents, better than his long string of girlfriends, and better than his so-called best buddies. She crossed her arms, turning away from him but even she anticipated what was coming next. And that is exactly what happened. He hugged her, putting his arms around her waist, burying his face in her neck. She stiffened hoping he would wipe that grin off his face, which of course he didn't.

"You know that's not what I meant…okay, maybe it was. But you also know that I would spend time with you over any sort of internship, anyday, right? I wanted to stay with you here this summer."

"But that was your dream internship, Vardhan. You've attended every career fair since we were freshmen, dropping off your resumes at their booth countless times, in hopes of just a callback. And then you gave it all up, for me." She said, looking down.

"First of all, Sticker & Sons ain't got nothing on my best friend. I would choose you over any internship, you know that. And, you need to stop making yourself feel guilty, because I have a spot reserved for next summer, so I will still get my dream internship. Not to mention, I got to actually enjoy my last summer before law school instead of making sure I got everyone's coffee on time. And New York is too polluted for me anyway."

Rehaana still wasn't convinced. She begged him to stay, simply because she couldn't bear the thought of being away from him already. It killed her on the inside. He meant everything to her, literally everything. Even before she discovered she was in love with him. Love isn't selfish, she always told herself, yet she took away from him the one thing he had wanted since she had known him. He loved her too, not in the same way, but he did love her, even if only as a friend. And that was more than enough for her. She finally turned around.

"Vardhan, you can make all these excuses all you want, but the truth is, I'm just a selfish bitch who doesn't give a damn about her best friend."

"Yes, because selfish bitches stay up all night nursing their friends to sickness, without worrying about their test at eight in the morning. Because selfish bitches come running at three in the morning when their idiot best friend gets in an accident because he was stupid enough to drink and drive. Because selfish bitches surprise you with cookies and ice cream because they know you want to pull your hair because you're taking the LSAT in a week. You're far from selfish, babe. In fact, I'm pretty sure you're the most selfless person I know, Rehaana."

And that did it. She couldn't hold her tears back anymore. The sobs just didn't seem to stop, and he just held her close, quick to wipe the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes as well. Then placing both his hands on either side of her head, he proceeded to wipe her tears, and then kissed her forehead. Which caused her to look up; because that was a gesture he had never done before. He had held her whenever she had cried in the past, but never had he kissed her. Ever. And in that moment, she was tempted to just close the distance between them. His breath mingled with hers, and before she knew it, she found herself pulling away. Because she knew it wasn't right. She knew he didn't feel the same way. She'd never tell him how in love with him she was. It wouldn't be fair to either of them. This happened every time. Every. Damn. Time. She would be so close to letting him know, because the moment just seemed to call for it, and then before she knew it, the moment would pass, and saying anything regarding how she felt would just be inappropriate.

"You should go. You have to move out by tonight too. And I don't want it to be too dark when you're driving home. It's a long enough drive as it is." She said, hoping he'd heed her advice.

"I'm not letting you carry all that stuff on your own. You cry when you break a nail. I highly doubt you could move yourself out." But Vardhan's laughter quickly faded with Rehaana's glare.

"I cry because breaking a nail is painful. Not like you'd understand anyway. And I'm capable of moving myself out. Thank you very much."

"Fine, if you say so…" Vardhan said, shrugging, counting in his head. Three, two, o-.

"Okay, maybe, just for a little bit. You can take the heavier things to my car…only because you're insisting. Otherwise, I was perfectly capable of doing it myself…just sayin'."

Vardhan just ran his hand through his hair, giving her that smile that forced her to melt. As he picked up the boxes, and made his way to her car, every moment they had spent together in the last four years flashed through her head. She sighed. She'd have to learn to let go, because she was just torturing herself. With four years of medical school, and a residency ahead of her, she figured she'd eventually get over him. Not to mention, her parents would probably find her a "nice, Muslim to keep her happy" by then. That was another thing. Religion would always be an issue, with both of their families being extremely religious, and hers being Muslim, and his Hindu. Why was she even going this far? They wouldn't even probably see each other after today, because once they both got busy in their respective lives, they wouldn't find time for each other. Well, he wouldn't find time for her. She'd always find time for him, but she refused to run after him the way she had for the past four years. It was always her who texted first, it was always her who called him to catch up. It was always her. And it took her four years realize that she didn't have a chance with him. They'd never get married, because he wasn't in love with her. She quickly snapped out of her thoughts, as he knocked on her window.

"All loaded, and ready to go, Miss."

She stepped out of the car, and walked him to his own. She was about to utter her last, really last, final goodbye when he pulled her close, and said,

"I really will miss you, Rehaana. You don't know what you are to me, what you mean to me. No one, and I really mean, no one, will ever be that special to me."

And before she could process anything, he stepped in his car, and drove away. And this was the thing she hated the most; she'd convince herself he didn't reciprocate her feelings, and he'd pull a stunt like this, leaving her confused.

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