Mysteries of Beauty

The sparkle of sunshine,
peeking through the leaves of a thick grove.

The gentleness of a bronze leaf fluttering in the fall,
detached from the branch that was once its home.

The glimmer of brilliance emited from the dawn reflection,
of a clear dewdrop clinging to a blade of green.

The sight of seven colours arching through the sky,
as the Sun tries to comfort the crying heavens.

The moment when you stand under a clear sky,
and before you appears a wall of falling rain.

The silence of an empty house,
echoing with the pleasant racket of the pitter patter of raindrops.

The images of nature's beauty,
reflected upon nature's mirrors.

The frolic of a ripple,
shattering the smooth surface of crystal water.

The feeling you get when you spill all your thoughts through pen,
And let them dance across the page as the embodiment of your feelings.