Chapter 3 – Having Fun

He lays me down on the bed. Then he pulls of his shirt and throws it on the floor. He climbs on top of me and we start kissing, our tongues fighting for dominance. Ryan unzips my dress and throws it to where his shirt is.

We resume kissing while he is massages my breast. I give out a little moan, and he smiles. Ryan unhooks my bra and stares at my chest. It makes me feel self-conscious the way he is staring at me.

"You look so beautiful," Ryan says with awe. I blush and give him a smile.

He takes one of breast in his hand and licks and sucks it while kneading the other. He does the same to the other one. He then places kisses all the way down my body until he reaches my pussy. Ryan then pulls down my panties and added them to the pile of clothes.

All of a sudden, he sticks his tongue in my clit. I gasp in surprise.

"Oh God," I moan. He laughs and continues on licking my clit. I feel the pleasuring coursing through my body. After a few minutes, I cum and he licks it up greedily.

"Do you know how good you taste?" He asked with real curiosity.

"No. Actually I don't." I say with a laugh. Ryan shoves two of his fingers in my pussy and starts pumping them in and out really fast. I shout out in pleasure.

"You like that, don't you fucking whore?" He asked seductively. When I don't answer, he stops and I whimper. "I asked you a question. You like that, don't you fucking whore?" He says, shoving his fingers back into me after each word.

"Yes, yes. I like it." And after I say that, he goes back to finger fucking me. I cum and then he puts his two fingers in my mouth. I realize that I do taste really good. I push Ryan down on the bed. I pull down his pants and boxers and his hard dick sprang free. I put my hand around his thick shaft and put it in my mouth. I start licking him and sucking him. He grabs my hair and starts pushing me down on his dick.

"Suck faster whore. Yeah, that's it." He groans. "You give awesome blowjobs. After about 10 minutes, finally cums in my mouth. After coming down from his high, he tells me stand up on the floor. He bends me over, to the point where I look like I'm trying to touch my toes. He then says, "What do you want bitch?"

"I want your big cock in my ass," I yell. He then shoves himself in me and I scream out his name. I moan as he pumps in and out of me, picking up speed and pushing in harder and harder. He groans as with both near our ends.

"Bitch, I'm about to cum and I know you are too so I about to pick up the speed some more. Would you like that?" He asks, slapping my ass. I whimper as he starts to pick up his speed, like he promised. We both cum at the same and my whole body shook with pleasure. He then picks me up and puts me on the bed. He climbs on top of me. His lip finds mind and we French kiss for a while. He then stops to put my legs on his shoulders and enters me. I groan as he starts slowly at first but soon starting to gain more speed. Before I know it, we are both screaming out each other's name, nearing both of our climaxes.

"Harder! Faster!" I scream out loud.

"Come on, bitch. I know that you are almost there. Just cum all over my cock and I will put my seed in your dripping, wet pussy. You got that, whore?"

"Yes, yes! I got it! I'm about to cum master!"

"I love it when you call me that bitch!" After saying that, we both climax.

"That was wonderful." I say with a grin.

"Thank you. I try." He said. I giggle.

"Want something to eat?" I say, getting up.

"Yeah. You know what it is?" I shake my head. "Your pussy. Ready for round two?"

I answer his question by pouncing on him and kissing him.