Fists of Cappuccino

I love coffee. It is why I stepped into the gas station store on that Wednesday afternoon.

To my utter surprise while looking over my options I found a cappuccino. Mind you I know nothing else of coffee aside from drinking it when I wake up and before I sleep, but I did enjoy a cappuccino every now and then.

So I served myself, grabbed a donut, and waited in line with all of the other folk. There was a big round man with a trucker hat purchasing nachos, a blonde woman behind him clutching six hot dogs to her chest, and a man with an afro standing as cool as a cat holding a chocolate bar in his hand and a comb in the other.

If I had to be honest they each looked like Larry the Cable Guy, Paris Hilton, and a young Kareem Abdul Jabbar. An interesting set of people to see.

So there I stood in line waiting to purchase my drink so I could leave. However life has that interesting way of changing normal situations to strange events just because it can. Another person stepped into the gas station only his face was concealed by a black ski mask.

"Alright! This is a robbery, get down on the ground!" the man said pulling out a hand gun. Struggling to hold my cappuccino I crouched on the ground with the strange trio of people while the cashier, a 20 something looking girl, raised her hands up.

Then six more men came into the store backing up their leader. I silently swore to myself knowing that I probably could have taken on the one guy alone. But these other guys with him had bats and chain something I knew I couldn't handle. As three guys got behind the register ordering the cashier to open it the leader looked at me as I eyed him. Honestly I just wanted my cappuccino and get on with my life.

"You got a problem kid?" he asked me. Now honestly I felt insulted. He grabbed me by my collar to try and intimidate me.

"What you looking at? HUH!"

Now most people would be scared in situations like this one. But for whatever reason I had no fear of this man at all. Rather I had an idea that was probably one of the dumbest, craziest, and foolish things I had ever thought of doing. I said something silently to the criminal who looked at me strangely.

"I didn't hear you. What?" he asked me. Then with all of my youthful cockiness I smirked.

"I got your gun!"

The man was surprised as I pulled his other hand gun out of its holster on his waist and swung it with all of my power to his head causing him to fall back. His accomplices turned their heads as I now stood holding the gun and my cappuccino with a look of bewilderment on my face.

Now I planned nothing in that instant. So what was I to do now that I just assaulted a robber and had to face his cronies? Well thank goodness fate played it's trick again as another person stepped into the store.

This person, an oriental man with bowl cut hair dressed in a fighting gi, walked into the store with a look of seriousness on his face. The thugs all seemed scared of him as he looked at them and then at me before then settling to watch them. He kind of reminded me of Kato because he then preformed an incredibly fast spinning kick to one of the thugs behind me instantly knocking him out cold.

I was instantly amazed for now what I watched in Hong Kong action films seemed to be real after all. The mystery man however didn't wait and approached another thug and punched him twice in the face and his ribs. The other thugs charged at him swinging their bats and their chains while he leaped into the air and proceeded to kick and punch each man down. One was even grabbed by his jacket and thrown through the glass window for people outside to see.

By now the thug leader had gotten up to see the mystery man. I think they knew each other since he had seemed surprised at the mystery man's presence. He watched the thug leader for a moment probably planning how he'd finish him off. The thug leader pulled up a bat and seemed ready to face the mystery man evenly. I, the afro man, the trucker looking man, and the blonde just turned our heads from both men in suspense wondering who would strike first.

Without warning the thug yelled out charging the mystery man who leaped above him in front of me. The mystery man then grabbed my cappuccino and turned over to the thug swinging it to his face with power sending him flying over the register to where he fell unconscious.

I then looked over the entire store at every fallen thug and then over to the mystery man who nodded at everyone. Then just as he mysteriously appeared he left moving on to who knows where. Everyone stood there still amazed at everything at what happened.

Of course we all benefited from that fact that none of us were killed by the thugs. Yet it was I who never got to have that cappuccino that I so desired. It was probably the price to pay for me to walk another day.