On the seventh day of the event, the engaged Lily Hawksworth found herself in the breakfast room of the King, nervously observing a snake.

"It's necessary to carry this snake in the wedding?" asked Lily, discomfort evident.

"It's a bit ghastly, isn't it?" said a grinning Lady Barrow. Lily, Rebecca, and Lord Barrow looked into the serpent's wire cage where it lay coiled, its emerald green scales glinting in the morning light.

"It is the embodiment of our savior, but all the same, it's a tad... unconventional?" Lily ventured.

Lord Barrow said, "It's entirely traditional for a royal wedding. No one could possibly claim royalty is conventional, mind."

The King breezed into the room. "Good morning! Oh, William's visiting, is he?"

Rebecca and Lily exchanged a confused look as Lord Barrow rolled his eyes. "His Unconventional Highness insists the serpent's name is William."

"He looks like a William," said the King in explanation, striding up to Lily and taking her hand.

"He looks dreadfully snakey to be a William," said Barrow, dryly.

Lily smiled at the King, who rewarded her with a small kiss on the cheek. "Good morning, sire. Lord Barrow was just telling us that the – William – will be joining us in the ceremony tomorrow."

"Lovely. Excellent. Why?" asked the King, leaning forward to peer into William's cage.

"It's traditional. I've consulted the books on this, and every royal couple carries a snake into the ceremony," explained Lord Barrow.

"Barrow, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were making this up."

"John would have come up with something considerably more terrible, sire, I should think," said Rebecca, linking her arm in her husband's.

The King grinned at Lily. "If you prefer, dear, I'll carry the toothy end."

Lord Barrow glanced at his wife, then at the King. "Are you ready, then?"

"Quite. We have a lot of work to do, don't we?" said the King, offering his arm to Lily.

"We do indeed, sire," agreed Lily, smiling up at the King as she accepted his arm.

Lord Barrow glanced between the couple. "Well. The assembled multitudes are likely in the hall now. Make it nice and short, will you, your Highness? Best not to drag it out. Remember to thank the candidates and their families. Gush a bit, sire."

"Gush. Yes. I'll try that," chuckled the King.

Rebecca leaned forward to Lily and patted her arm, whispering, "Congratulations again, Miss Hawksworth. You've got your King now."

Lily thanked Lady Barrow and patted her fiancė's arm. "Yes. So I do."