Ill let you burn bright
Then dimish your flame
You are something in my life that is tame
You are my ever lasting light

Hold me when I cry
Mourn me when I die
I want to be there for you forever
Just like how you want to be there for me forever

Im copied down on white paper
With black ink written around me like a hater
I miss you my friend
And the love I feel is something I cant really comprehend

You are a hero
Please do not ever stoop too low
Some of this rhymes
But most of it doesn't
Do you care?

Don't you, don't you cry for anybody.
Won't you, won't you laugh with me.
Laugh at my jokes, my giggling fits
Laugh at my craziness, it's just a game.
Don't you dare let tears fall for me.
Don't you dare shed those diamond drops.
Remember that we deserve to laugh and to play.
And laugh, laugh, laugh with me.

Lets exchange secretes
Under your never dismissing flame
Lets laugh at my horrible jokes
And your mother when she laughs so hard she chokes
Come on my dear friend tell me something great
Something that will never be filled with hate

You say you have to cry for me
Cause it's the best thing to do
Its not.
Be there for me
Be there for me through everything
I need you my love
I need you, my eternal flame.