Fire, fire, burn bright!
the town needs your light!
Burn away the darkness
and let in the sweetness
fire,fire, burn bright!

Fire,fire, burn bright!
Let your heat melt away the fear
take the wheel from this hopeless soul and steer
Fire, fire, burn bright!
This family needs your light!

Fire, fire, burn bright!
Take this helpless one back
give her what she lacks
A flame, a fire, a never ending light
Fire, fire, burn bright tonight!

For: The Eternal Flame

Dear Eternal Flame,

Do not lose hope. For an eternal fire does not dimish. An eternal flame does to extinguish. An eternal flame is solid in a world of movement. A never ending sorce of light.

Dont give up on her Eternal Flame, she needs you. She may seem hopeless, but she is not. Help her see her, see the real her. She the person you see in her. Help her Eternal Flame. Be her light to a new beggining.

From your gaurdian angel,


PM message the Eternal Flame. Remind the Flame of why it stands bright! That it should never lose hope! That there is hope, that there is always light just around the corner. That the world is cruel without the one you love by your side...