I stare blankly at the man for a moment, as my mind slowly processes his request.

"Right! Sorry." That was foolish. It is not like he was speaking another language or anything. I reached into my bag and produced the long slip of paper. When I looked at the ticket taker again he was smiling politely. Really kind of off-putting. He takes my ticket and punches it. As he walks down to the next compartment, a shiver crawls up my back. That smile is the essence of nightmares...

With the distraction gone, I return to my papers. My next case looks to be interesting. A young girl claimed to have an ecto-based infestation. Really, why can't the dead ever move on... wait a minute... this address is for a large estate. The Maladars. Now why didn't Ms. Francis mention something as important as this before shoving me out the door? I swear, that woman just wants to lounge around all day. An assistant should... not now. Concentrate on the case.

The family owns nearly half the county. Robert Maladar was the heir to his family's vast fortune. Invested early in the very railroad I'm traveling on. Went from being insanely rich to... well... something... past... insanely rich. I really must work on my quips. Proper presentation can do wonders at scaring the supernatural.

His wife died a number of years ago. She could potentially be the ghost, but I would have to wonder why she didn't show up until now. Maybe Mr. Mala- ...Oh. Maybe Dr. Maladar was embarrassed or frightened. Still, sitting with such a nuisance for so long is unhealthy. He also has a daughter. Huh... Not much on her. She's 10 years old. Now honestly, when I ask for research, I expect to receive actual information! That damned woman...

Wait, the report was filed by a young girl. Could the daughter...? No. Even Ms. Francis would have been smart enough to include something as important as that in the initial report.

I remove my glasses and rub my forehead. I need to figure out what I can before I get there. This case could finally validate my business. If something doesn't change for me, all my work will be for nothing.