Chapter 1

There are a few things in life that no matter how hard you attempt to unfold the mystery, it will always stay hidden. They say everything happens for a reason but at times you will never figure out that to-die-for reason. Some things happen randomly and almost instantaneously. Like a glass of ice cold water splashing you in the face. That's how I felt when my parents told me he was staying with us for the summer.

Ask me the exact moment I fell head over heels in love with Nathanial and I will tell you it was the first day I met him. If you've ever seen him then you would know exactly what I mean. He is a pure Hispanic with a pale-tan color and greenish blue eyes. His light brown hair compliments his skin perfectly. He is every girl's fantasy. He is the guy that you would only dream of being with. But with every gorgeous guy there is always a flaw and in this case it would be his jock personality. Sadly he is the one that is so high off his popularity. He is the guy that puts drools on a girls face but he is also the guy that gets drunk and high every weekend to stay in the 'in crowd'. The guy that goes through girls like a sick person does with tissues. He uses them then throws them out like trash. Yes, I fell in love with him but only because I use to think there was something deeper in him. I'm not so sure anymore although I haven't seen him in months he wouldn't be forced to staying with my family for no reason. I guess it's true when they say you can't help who you fall in love with.

Besides the fact that it's been ages since I last saw him, I have changed more than he is probably capable of understanding. That most likely explains why his face looked speechless when I awaited him at the airport. Of course my parents couldn't have possibly picked him up because of their 'work' obsession. And when I say 'work' I mean I wouldn't be surprised if they were both cheating on each other.

"You've changed, Jackie." Those were the first words his husky voice said. Chills were sent down my spine but I only nodded in agreement. I am fully aware of my change. I guess I was sick and tired of being the geeky fat girl no one noticed. But unnoticed was far better than when they decided to acknowledge me. Why? It would only be to remind me of my physical flaws. 'You guys maybe we should rename pumpkins to Jacklyn.' Or 'Do you look in the mirror when you get dressed Jacklyn?' 'Why are you so ugly Jacklyn?' Or this one is my favorite, 'There is NO way you're related to Isabel.' Isabel, the gorgeous and the flawless that everyone was infatuated by. Otherwise known as my older sister that is now attending one of the best design schools in New York City.

Do not get confused though. She stole my dream. Now, now don't think I'm some jealous freak show because when I tell you she stole my dream, I mean it. How else would you explain my clothes sketches miraculously disappearing? Then I see exact replicas in Isabel's application into Fashion Institute of Technology. It's just a coincidence, right?

"You seemed lost in a thought."

I shrugged and kept my eyes fixated on the road ahead of me. I could tell he was starting to get annoyed by my silence because he sighed loudly and turned his head to face me entirely. He stared for a good minute before speaking.

"Are you going to be silent this whole ride? Come on Jac, we are not strangers or enemies." I could feel his anticipation. He was dying for me to speak. "Yeah but we're not friends either." I said quickly, not forgetting to glance over in his direction to see his reaction.


"Your image may have change but your attitude sure as hell hasn't." He spat. "Maybe it hasn't. Or have you ever stopped to wonder that maybe, just maybe, it's because it's you?" I smirked knowing I had won. I turned into my driveway taking the key out and turned to face him. "My parents aren't home but they told me to tell you that I am in charge."

He rolled his eyes dramatically "no they didn't."

"You're right, they didn't but they did say your parents said you're not allowed out yet. So you are to stay in my house tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and on going until further notice." I watched as he leaned his head back in frustration. "I don't even want to know what you did because it must have really done it if George and Andrea sent you here to us. But enough with this conversation, I'm going out so if you don't mind" I said making a gesture to his door while pressing the unlock button on my door. He sighed as he climbed out of my black on black Honda civic SI. I opened the trunk for him to get his suitcases out. And shouted that the key was under the mat before driving off to meet my best friend, Janely, at Starbucks.


"So you just ignored him, for pretty much the whole ride?" She asked amazed. I nodded triumphantly. Janely has been my best friend since 2nd grade. She was my friend when no one else was. She is accepted by the popular crowd but doesn't let it define who she is which is why she is my best friend. She helped me with my make over and worked out with me every day until I didn't need her push anymore. I am so grateful that she is in my life. Janely is Italian. She is tall, skinny and tan with blue eyes and dark brown hair which make her absolutely beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have her and plenty have tried but Janely is also very picky. She doesn't let just any guy be 'honored to have her'. Her words not mine.

"But you're like completely in love with him? Why are you acting like a bitch on purpose?" She was confused. I would be too if I were her.

"I am not 'in love' with Nathanial Medina!" She laughed, "Funny joke Jac. Seriously, you two just need to have sex already." Janely lost her virginity when she was 15 with a guy she dated for almost two years. He moved in the summer of 10th grade and they just gradually stopped talking. I, on the other hand, am still as pure as a nun. I have a purity ring on my left pinky and don't plan on taking it off anytime soon.

"Shut up Jane." We both laughed. I know she was reading my mind when two buff, tan, Hollister model-looking guys walked up to our table. I flipped my long deep red violet hair to my back and grabbed my chocolate chip frappuccino to take a sip.

"Hello ladies." The boy on the left smiled. I smiled sweetly in return and nodded. "My names Jonathan and this is my friend Jake. We were wondering if you two would want to join us at our table." His voice was mesmerizing. I glanced over at Janely and saw her focused on her iPhone 4. I sighed knowing exactly what she was doing. I looked up at Jonathan and frowned sympathetically, "I'm sorry but we were just leaving." I slowly gathered my shoulder bag and stood up, "vamanos Janely." Although she is Italian she is very aware by now that 'vamanos' means 'let's go'. She gave the boys a fake smile that I'm pretty sure they saw right through, before walking towards the exit.

We finally made it to our cars that were parked next to each other. I glared at her proud satisfied smile she had on. "It was for your own good Jacklyn." I sighed knowing she was right. Janely once dated a model. He used her for good publicity then for sex and left literally the same night she gave it to him. She says they're all the same and to be honest I believe her.

"Text me and wish me luck. My parents are probably still at work so I'll be stuck with Nathanial alone." She laughed, "Don't act like you don't want that to happen." I smirked as I got into my car and drove off preparing myself to see him again. God, the summer hasn't even started and I'm already freaking out.

Today is June 2nd 2011 and summer starts in exactly 7 days. Apparently Nathanial has been 'suspended' until further notice. If he is not allowed back by the end of the summer, he would have to attend a different high school for senior year. I giggled to myself, sucks to suck.