Journey for the Sapphire City

Summary: The Sapphire City is a myth, a legend. But Nova Grogan and her crew of female pirates believe in the Sapphire City Legend and go across seas to find more information and how to find it. Not only do they have to find information, but they have to not fall in love with their rivals, a band of four male pirates who are also looking for the Sapphire City.

Chapter 1

It was a semi-normal day on the small island of Taggert. Taggert was a small island in which everyone knew each other and helped each other out. They were happy, laughing and talking, well...until they heard a blood-curdling scream.

Rosary Harms grabbed the small pirate by the scruff of his shirt and lifted him up, her fiery red-orange eyes blazing with anger. "You will give us information or I swear to god, I will burn you to a crisp!" she raised her right hand and fire appeared on the end of her fingertips.

A pale-skinned hand grabbed Rosary's shoulder and yanked her away from the bloodied pirate. "Let me talk to him." the quiet, female voice of Zalika Swift spoke. Rosary scowled and backed away, letting Zalika take over.

Zalika brought out one of her swords from her sash and put the tip of it to the pirate's neck. He was crying, while blood seeped from his wounds. "Now, tell us where we can find information about Sapphire City."

"The place doesn't exist! Please! I don't know anything about it!" the pirate cried.

Zalika frowned. "Any last words?"

"Wha-? What do you-?" the pirate never finished his sentence because the extremely sharp blade sliced cleanly across his throat, silencing his words. The pirate gurgled a few times before he fell to the ground, cold and dead.

Zalika knelt down and wiped the blood off her blade using the pirate's shirt. With that, she sheathed her sword and began walking back to the ship.

"She scares me sometimes, ya here?" Zelda Ring mumbled.

The crew wandered back to their ship and took off. Their captain, Nova Grogan, was a beautiful woman of 26-years old. She had mid-back length, lustrous green hair with bangs over her eyes and one braid on the right side of her head. Her eyes were also a grassy green, completed with her outfit of green tight breeches, a black tight-fitting short sleeve shirt with a black waist coat that was torn at the shoulders and had no sleeves. She also wore black leather boots and a green sash around her waist to hide her pistol. She also wore gold hoop earrings, several bracelets on her left wrist and a green bandanna on her head along with a black belt that went over her right shoulder to hold her whip and a black pendant around her neck.

"We haven't found any information about Sapphire City at all!" Rosary huffed, crossing her arms. She was the hot-head of the group and the youngest. She had the same colored hair to go with her fiery red-orange eyes, short and spiky. She wore crimson red breeches with a bright red tight-fitting shirt, a crimson sash and black leather knee-high boots. She also had chains on her pants and a red ribbon tied around her upper right arm.

"You must stop beating others up Rosary." Zelda grinned. She was 21-years old and had silver eyes and silver hair of the same color that reached down to her lower back. She wore light blue breeches with a white t-shirt, a black sash and black leather boots and a belt around her waist to keep her cutlass.

Zalika only frowned deeply and headed off to sit on the ship's mast. She was the quiet one of the crew; no one knew about her past or why she had the right side of her face covered. She was 22-years old with jet black hair that reached down to her waist and her uncovered eye was also black. She had black bandages going around the whole right side of her face and over her head, going around her neck to keep the bandages in place. She had tuffs of black hair stick out from open places and her skin was a beautiful pale color. She wore black fitting pants with a red short-sleeve shirt and knee-high black leather boots. Also with a black sash around her waist to keep her swords in place and a black belt around waist to keep her pants up. She also had three belts around her right thigh and one on each bicep and wears several bracelets on both wrists. Her weapons consisted of wo daggers and one pistol on right thigh, two swords kept in sash. Also had blades hidden in the soles of her boots to form a sharp blade at the top and had another pistol hidden in her sash.

Frankly, she was the most armed AND the most quiet of the group.

"She's so mysterious." Zelda commented. "She hardly talks."

"Maybe we should ask her about her past." Rosary suggested, but Nova shook her head.

"Zalika is new, don't forget you two. She will tell us her past when she wants to, no pestering her." Nova said sternly and the other two girls nodded. "I'm sure both of you remember when we first met her. It was only two months ago."

Flashback, two months ago.

The three girls were looking ahead of them, seeing the inhumanly fast black-haired girl defeat the weak pirates one by one. She came to the last one, holding the blade of her jagged sword to the pirate's neck.

"Any last words?" she spoke quietly and coldly.

The pirate stared at her with a look of horror on his face and the girl only frowned before swiftly slitting the pirate's throat. He fell to the ground, gurgling as the girl only scoffed and ripped off a piece of the pirate's shirt, wiping her jagged blade clean of blood. She had blood on her skin and clothes, but for some reason, she had no cuts or scratches.

"Wow..." Rosary whistled, causing the girl to turn around.

Her uncovered black eye narrowed and Nova stepped forward. "That was some really good fighting there, not that I always approve of killing. My name is Nova Grogan and I am Captain of my crew. We need another woman in our crew."

"But Captain-!" Rosary began, but Nova held up a hand to silence her.

"I would like for you to join my crew." Nova finished.

"No." the girl replied, sheathing her sword. "I want nothing to do with your crew."

"See, she doesn't want to join." Rosary said. "Frankly, I think she'd be too dangerous."

Suddenly, the black-haired girl vanished and then reappeared behind Rosary, holding a dagger at her neck. "Let me make one thing clear. I didn't earn the nickname The Bloody Silence for nothing. I kill people who get in my way and there's nothing they can do about it."

Rosary felt a bead of sweat roll down her face and the dagger went away. "As for joining your crew, I'll make you a deal. I'll stay with your crew for five months and if I like it, then I'll stay. But if I don't, then I leave." the girl spoke.

Nova grinned. "You have a deal."

End flashback

"I think you made a mistake in letting her come along Cap." Rosary said, sniffling a little bit.

Nova narrowed her grass green eyes at her first mate. "Are ya questioning my antics?"

"No Cap, sorry."

"Apology accepted." Nova spoke and then went into her cabin.