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If You Want It

Zander was a decent guy. He tried (somewhat) in school, he listened (mostly) to his parents, and he was always loyal to his boyfriends. He never forced himself upon them or pressured them into anything they didn't want to do. Nor was he one to be thinking about sex 24/7.

At least not usually.

Ever since he and Tristan had made up, all Zander could think about was sex. Having sex in an unused classroom, having sex in the car, having sex in public—Tristan taking him whenever and wherever he wanted. Zander had to force himself almost every class period to think about fat guys in speedos instead of his boyfriend pounding into him while behind the school just to avoid getting a boner.

That was Tristan's job really. Tristan was the one who thought about sex constantly, or at least brought it up more often. He was the more sexually explorative one, thinking of…creative…places and ways to have sex with his boyfriend. That was Tristan, not him.

Since they made up though, Tristan had been good about keeping his hands to himself when they were just enjoying his company. They'd stay in respectful places instead of always trying to get in his pants, and Tristan allowed their snuggling to stay at that—snuggling.

Really, it was the lack of physical contact that made Zander want physical contact. He guessed it was because his body and brain were so used to having sex so often that when that was suddenly taken away, he was craving it.

Zander had tried to fix his 'craving' by doing something he's only done a few times before—look at porn. Hot guys banging other hot guys—sure it got him off, but he still wasn't satisfied. The one who was doing the banging needed to be Tristan and the one getting banged needed to be Zander.

And that's all there is to it.


Tristan pulled Zander into a side hallway and pinned him to the wall with a grin, leaning closer to press soft kisses to Zander's neck. Giggling, Zander's arms snaked around his boyfriend's waist, who pulled back and rested his forehead against Zander's.

"Why do you always come here for lunch?" Their bodies were pressed close together, almost no space between them—which was something that turned Zander on…a lot. Tristan's hands had slipped under Zander's orange polo, resting on his hips with his thumbs toying with the waistband of his boxers.

"Are you complaining? I could always leave if you want." Tristan smirked and took a small step back, which didn't get him far since Zander almost immediately tugged him back.

"You can stay. Lunch is always the best when you're here." Zander shivered when Tristan ran his finger down his boyfriend's spine.

"Good to know." Tristan tipped his head up and allowed their lips to meet. Zander's grip on his boyfriend's waist tightened, and he kissed him harder. His tongue poked out of his mouth and traced his boyfriend's lip ring, pulling back slightly, holding the lip ring between his teeth.

"You're so sexy Tristan." Zander murmured against his boyfriend's lips, kissing him again. Chuckling, Tristan broke the kiss and pushed his hips forward, making Zander moan.

"I would say that you're feeling me today, but I am so feeling you." Tristan placed his hand over the front of his boyfriend's jeans, squeezing and making Zander's legs almost instantaneously turn to jelly.

"Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't ask you to do this here but can you…can you…my jeans…"

"Zan," Tristan began, a wicked grin on his face. "Tell me what you want. I don't understand what you're saying." Zander whined and buried his face into his boyfriend's neck.

"Don't make me say it here. Just…"

"Sorry Zan. I can't help you if I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Dammit Tristan!" Zander whined again, the whine turning to a strangled groan when Tristan grabbed the front of his jeans again. "I need you to get me off!" In desperation, Zander rotated his hips, grinding into his boyfriend's hand and trying to get a release.

"Oh, is that what you want?" Zander nodded, his cheeks flushed as he clung to his boyfriend. "Well, sorry. I can't."

"Huh?" Tristan released his boyfriend and stepped back suddenly, making Zander stumble a bit. He put his hands on the wall behind him and stared at his boyfriend, dumbfounded. "B-but why not?"

"I have to go back to my own school. Plus, I don't want to overstep my boundaries. In case you've forgotten, you told me to stop taking advantage of you whenever and where ever I want."

"But I want you to!" Tristan stepped forward and brushed his thumb across Zander's lip, running over Zander's snakebites.

"Zan, I want to keep my promise to you, okay? Later, if you still want it, I will." Tristan kissed him. "I love you. I'll pick you up afterschool."

"B-but Tristan! You can't leave me here in this condition!" Zander figured he sounded like a small child with all the whining that he was doing at the moment, but he couldn't help it. Desperation was in his eyes as he watched his boyfriend walk away.

"There's the bathroom." Tristan looked over his shoulder, winking, before disappearing around the corner.

His boyfriend was an evil, evil man.


When Tristan picked him up from school, Zander could barely manage to keep his hands off of his boyfriend for the car ride back to his house. He faced the window, squeezed his eyes shut, and was once again forced to think unpleasant thoughts to ward away those that caused him a boner—aka, his boyfriend fucking him senseless.

When they reached Zander's house, Zander was so relieved that he just about sprinted into his house, Tristan slowly following.

"So look. Zander, if you really—" Before Tristan could even finish the sentence, Zander had spun him around and pinned him to the wall, kissing him forcefully. Zander's hands were under his shirt, caressing his warm skin, his fingers ghosting along his spine. It took all of Tristan's willpower to pull back.

"Tristan, I need you." Zander began kissing his boyfriend's neck softly, licking the skin there and blowing cool air on it, making Tristan shiver.

"B-but you said…"

"I know what I said. But I didn't realize that I can't go this long without sex. Have your way with me, dominate me, make love to me—I don't care what. I just need to feel you inside me. Right now."

Tristan moaned. "Shit Zander." He flipped them around, Zander now the one who was pinned to the wall, and kissed him deeply as his hands slid up the hem of his orange polo. Their tongues tangled together as Tristan rotated his hips, making Zander groan into the kiss. Tristan could feel the large bulge in his boyfriend's pants when he did so, and he suddenly got a new and innovative idea.

Tristan pulled back from the kiss and tugged his boyfriend's shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor. Zander tried to take off Tristan's navy blue v-neck, but his boyfriend pushed his hands away. "Come here," Tristan said, taking Zander's hand and leading him to the Kings' coat closet that was still occupied with winter coats. He opened it up and was glad to see that it had two racks—an upper and lower rack.

"What are you doing?" Zander asked, obviously very confused.

"Hey, do you have a scarf somewhere in here?"

"But why?"

"Do you have one?" Tristan repeated. Zander sighed and grabbed a scarf from one of the hooks on the wall, thrusting it out to his boyfriend.

"Here. Now can we continue with—oh!" Zander let out a yelp when Tristan spun him around and nudged him backwards, tying his wrists together with the scarf and then tying them to the upper rack before Zander comprehended what was going on.

"Don't worry," Tristan said, his voice low and silky, making Zander's pants that much tighter. "I'm not stopping." Tristan stepped forward and left soft, open-mouth kisses on Zander's neck, slowly kissing his way down to Zander's chest. Zander watched with hungry eyes, his heart beating hard behind his rib cage. With a grin, Tristan wrapped his lips around Zander's left nipple and pinched and pulled at his right.

Zander's nipples had always been his weak spot, which was why the foreplay always started there.

"Oh god Tristan." Zander moaned softly and closed his eyes as his boyfriend's tongue swirled around the quickly hardening pink bud. "I missed this." Zander's voice was soft, a small smile on his face as his boyfriend pleasured him.

"So did I." Tristan lapped and nipped at Zander's neglected nipple for a bit, giving it the same treatment he had given its counterpart. Small moans escaped from Zander's swollen lips and he arched his back hard into his boyfriend. Loving the sounds that Zander was making for him, and wanting him to make more, Tristan pulled his shirt over his head and kissed his way down to the button on Zander's jeans.

"Tristan, please." Zander panted, moaning loudly when Tristan pressed his nose against the bulge in his boyfriend's jeans. "Please. Touch me."

Tristan loved it when he got his boyfriend to beg.

He undid the button on Zander's dark wash jeans and pulled the zipper down with his teeth, letting them pool around his ankles. The bulge behind the white boxers was almost enticing. Just to tease his boyfriend some more, he kissed the bulge through the boxers, making Zander moan and push his hips forward.

Alright. That was enough foreplay.

Tristan yanked down his boyfriend's boxers, allowing them to join the pants on the floor, and grabbed Zander's ass, pulling him closer and taking his penis into his mouth. Immediately, Zander sighed in bliss and Tristan began to suck on his boyfriend's penis, keeping one hand on his ass as his free hand stroked his balls.

"Shit." Zander gasped when his boyfriend started to move a bit faster. "Tristan." Tristan took more of his boyfriend into his mouth, the tip of his nose almost touching the base. He could feel Zander's penis pulsing in his mouth and his balls tightening.

"Fuck…Tristan, I'm going to come…" With a low cry, Zander came into his boyfriend's mouth, who immediately swallowed and continued to stroke his penis, trying to get more out of him. Zander shot another load into Tristan's mouth and his orgasm washed over him, leaving his legs feeling like toothpicks. If Tristan hadn't tied him to the rod…

"What do you want now babe?" Tristan murmured, standing up to kiss Zander as his finger probed at his hole. Zander moaned again, from a combination of tasting himself on his boyfriend's lips as well as the finger that was pushing itself into him.

"Tristan," Zander gasped, pulling away and nuzzling into his boyfriend's neck, his cool snakebites pressing against Tristan's warm skin. "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me senseless."

Tristan undid his pants and pulled them down with his boxers at the same time, stepping out of them and leaving both boys naked. He stepped forward again and Zander wrapped his legs around Tristan's waist as Tristan grabbed his ass and slowly pushed into him.

"Oh fuck." Both boys moaned simultaneously, and Tristan began to thrust into Zander, the angle at which he was doing so giving them a whole new experience. Zander let out a small whimper with each thrust, his eyes squeezed shut. Tristan's lips latched onto one of Zander's nipples as he thrust, shooting a whole new wave of pleasure through his boyfriend's body.

"Harder," Zander hissed. "Fuck me harder." Tristan's nails dug into Zander's ass slightly as he thrust into Zander at an almost animalistic pace, a string of obscenities streaming from Zander's mouth. Tristan adjusted the angle slightly, so that with each thrust, he was nailing Zander's prostate. He felt Zander's walls began to squeeze him and he groaned.

"Shit…I'm going to come inside you." With one last, hard thrust, Tristan released into Zander and Zander came with a scream, spurting his seed onto Tristan's chest and stomach as well as his own. His legs slowly unlinked from around his boyfriend's waist, Tristan's seed dribbling out of him, and only the sound of their labored breathing could be heard.

It took the last remaining sliver of Tristan's energy to untie his boyfriend, and they both slumped to the floor. Zander snuggled into his boyfriend's chest and Tristan smiled, wrapping his arms around him.

That was some incredible sex—and they had waited way too long for it.

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