Our Plan for protection against man eating zombies( as opposed the vegan zombies)


-probably get a lot of guns( preferably a big gun)

-Guns should not be self destructing

- Make sure that the gun does not misfire


-obtain rocket launcher and a van with spikes

-rocket launcher should be high tech and have motion sensors that detect zombie activity


drive around killing zombies

While driving around, try not to kill ourselves in the process( ie shooting ourselves in the foot because that could potentially cause problems)

Or happening to get into a lame accident like in the dumb Hollywood movies


if zombies turn out to be vampires, find Buffy Summers( she will know what to do)

If Buffy happens to be unavailable, then we will find that guy from Vampires who was completely badass


despite this protection plan, we will most likely die a very painful and violent death.

It is a sad fact that even though we will try our best, we will potentially fail all man kind

The upside is that there will be no one around to remember our sorry asses


if plan does fail then we will colonize the moon because zombies cannot live on the moon

But this can only happen if we have enough time to get all of Earth's population to the moon( ie those that survive and are not infected with the zombie disease)