+ ONE +

Stuart Anderson:

As Jess stood at her locker putting books away, she heard fast feet approaching her. She stopped and saw Joshua Anderson coming her way. He stopped once he got to her and said," Hey Jess, I got a letter from my brother yesterday and he said that he was comin to visit for a week from Japan and he had gifts, I asked him to bring you something and he said he would will you drive me home today?"

Jess looked at him and put her large algebra book into her locker and shut the door. "Josh", she said, "you know I don't like excepting gifts from people I don't know. I feel funny."

"You do know him and you like him, so he's not really a stranger." The brown haired boy in front of her replied

The black haired girl looked at him." I didn't even know you had a brother until just now, so how do I know him, let along like him?" she asked. "I have no problem driving you home but-"

Joshua interrupted. "My brother is Stuart Anderson, the heavy metal singer." There was excitement in his voice.

Jessica looked at him and started laughing. "You've gotta be joking!" she said once she stopped, "He's famous, everybody wishes they were related to him",

"It's true, I've got pictures", Josh said in a pouting voice

Jessica replied," Okay then, show me then I'll believe you."

Joshua handed her his books that had his assigned homework. He got his wallet and opened it, showing her the pictures. Jess looked at them and couldn't believe her eyes. Josh was with Stuart in his street clothes. The pictures showed just the two of them and they looked to be younger, probably before Stuart was in the band.

Jessica said," I'm sorry Josh, but I still can't accept the gift. I don't have anything to give him. And he is famous, besides. What could I possibly give him that he doesn't have?"

Josh put his wallet in his pocket and got his books. As the two of them left the school he said," That's the good thing with Stuart, he doesn't want fancy gifts. I've mentioned you a lot in the letters I've sent him, and he's been wanting to meet you for a while; me and him are really close. Stuart worries about me while he goes on tours and concerts. I'm alone by myself, so he's glad that I found a real friend to talk to during the day while I'm at school."

Jess looked at him and replied," You live by yourself and you're underage?"

Josh stated," Yeah, Stuart has our neighbors watch over me, but they forget half the time. He mails me enough money every month to order food since I don't know the first thing about cooking."

The two of them got to Jessica's car. Her parent had handed it down to her after they had bought themselves a new one. It wasn't anything fancy but it wasn't trashy, either. She unlocked the Ford Focus and they both got in.

"You don't know how to cook at all?" She asked as they drove away.

Josh replied, "Nope."

"That's sad, you can't live off of restaurant food all the time", Jess said.

Once they got to Josh's house, Jess parked on the side of the road. They both got out, and went into the two story house. Once inside, Jessica pulled her shoes off. "This place is huge", she said

Josh replied," Yeah, Stuart says that when I graduate, we're leaving this house and moving to California. He says he'll enroll me in a good college."

"Get an estimate and tell me what it is so I can start saving up faster and spending less; I found my dream home just now", Jess said.

"Stuart buys houses and moves out of them. He never stays in one place", Josh replied.

They heard a voice say," Is this your girlfriend Joshua?"

The two of them looked and saw a taller man with a black long sleeve sweater and jeans on. His hair was long and a darker shade of brown than Joshua's.

Josh said," Nice one Stuart, she's just my friend. So what did you bring me this time?"

Jess replied sarcastically," Dude that was the nicest greeting I ever heard, it lacked a hello."

Stuart sighed and said," That's Joshua. It's the gifts then the hellos – I'm used to it."

Josh replied," You two can hug and start kissing later. I want to see the look on Jess's face when she sees the gift you brought her. Let's go."

Jessica said shocked," "Hugging and kissing"? Is this a blind date?"

Stuart replied," Don't worry Jessica; he's just trying to speed things up."

Joshua grabbed Jess by the wrist and started dragging her through the house.

Stuart said, "Joshua you're going to scare your girlfriend away."

Josh chuckled and replied," Dude after she sees what you got her, she'll be chasing after you, not me. Besides, I've already got a girlfriend – we've been happily dating since yesterday after homeroom."

Jessica said," Your acting weird Josh, no offence Stuart; But Josh's weird behavior is on maximum right now and it is freaking the heck out of me, and normally my clothes tend to do that to people."

Stuart replied," You look fine Jessica…like the average Goth girl, to me."

Jessica said," Apparently in the school we go to, freedom of dressing is a crime."

The three of them arrived to their destination and Josh let go of her wrist. Stuart handed her large rectangular gift-wrapped box.

Jessica said," I can't take this. I don't have anything to give you."

Stuart sighed and said," It's okay, we're friends and friends don't have to give friends anything in return for gifts. I got you this because I want to be friends with at least one of my fans."

Jess looked at him and replied," Are you sure you're okay with this?"

Stuart said," If I didn't want you to have it, I wouldn't have bought it for you. I'm alright with it."

Jessica put the gift down and opened the lid. A smile crossed her lips and a tear came to her eye, seeing what was inside.